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8K recording on a smartphone is silly! Do you know why?

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8K recording on a smartphone is silly! Do you know why?

Qualcomm's latest flagship SoC (Snapdragon 865) brought 8K recording support to the smartphone world. That is, as of 2020, we have enough processing power to capture videos in this super resolution. However, having the possibility to do so does not make it a good idea.

This resolution is a very significant leap in recording quality compared to the old 4K. However, truth be told … 8K recording still has a lot of soup to eat in the world of smartphones, to be taken as a useful and serious functionality.

8K recording on a smartphone is silly! Do you know why? Because 4K has not yet reached its maximum potential, and brands already want to take the next step for marketing purposes!

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So, in case you don't remember, when 4K originally came to smartphones, it came with a handful of problems in the mix. In fact, after a few years, some of them are still a reality in some models on the market … Like overheating, or recording time limit. So it is easy to come to the conclusion that manufacturers are ready to make the same mistake, now even more serious, because 4K has not yet reached its maximum potential.

It is necessary to bear in mind that, in the middle of all this, when activating the option 8K 30FPS there will be a huge amount of data to enter, which will stress the memory, the sensor, the chipset and the ISP. All components that are not entitled to much space inside the smartphone, and because of that, will have to generate heat and lower their performance. (On a more serious level, we can also include crashes and automatic restart of the device).

Yes, some cell phones already record 8K content… But with several limitations!

Some of the most famous smartphones with this capability are the recent Galaxy S20. Incidentally, Samsung pulled strong and ugly by 8K in its marketing material. However, this feature comes with a time limit of 5 minutes on all models … Well, the problem is that the limit may be even lower, if the room temperature is too high than normal. Or the SoC has not yet had enough time to cool. Furthermore, if you happen to be recording something, and time runs out, you may miss an extremely important moment just because you wanted to record in 8K. (A lot can happen while one recording ends and another begins)

But here I can't even point my finger too much at the South Korean manufacturer, because all the manufacturers do this. They use new features (even if limited or unfinished) as an excuse for gigantic marketing campaigns.

To record 8K, you will have to have a lot of space available in your smartphone's memory.


Many users think that the 8K is twice the 4K, but things are not quite like that… The 8K resolution is actually 4x higher than the 4K, and if you happen to have already recorded in the 'old lady' 4K resolution, you know that storage is a serious problem. Now imagine this problem multiplied by 4.

As you may have noticed, with an increase in resolution, we also have an increase in the amount (and speed) of storage that is required for each session.

That said, Samsung claims that its current solution needs to record 600MB per minute of recording (8K 24FPS). However, the manufacturer does not share the filing bitrate. So, if that value increases, the amount of storage will also increase. In addition, if the framerate increases from 24FPS to 30FPS, we have another increase on top.

In parallel, as I said above, due to the required transfer speed, you can forget about microSD cards! Since they do not meet the manufacturers' standards for storing high resolution content. Therefore, this complicated storage account must always be done with the internal memory.

Obviously, 8K will improve immensely in the future!

As is normal, we are still at the very beginning. In fact, in fact, we are not saying that 8K is the devil on earth, nothing like that. We're just saying that manufacturers should bet on 4K first, bringing 8K to the market when it's really ready for the spotlight.

After all, despite all the marketing, if you shoot in 4K or 2K, you will almost always have better image quality.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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8K recording on a smartphone is silly! Do you know why?

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