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Afraid of COVID? Now you can go to the movies… No Fortnite!

by ace
Afraid of COVID? Now you can go to the movies... No Fortnite!

Epic Games is taking advantage of Fortnite’s success to try new things! What of course is, you can bring even more players into your Battle Royale world. After all, after the concerts, it’s now time to bet on the theaters! An excellent bet at this time when COVID-19 seems to have gained more strength, especially in the capital of our country.

Thus, it seems that the latest novelty is the creation of a movie session within the game itself. Where players can get together and see what Epic Games has in store for everyone.

That said, initially some films like Inception, Batman Begins and The Prestige will be available.

Fortnite now has movie screenings!? Just go get the popcorn!

Therefore, the announcement of this new bet was made via Twitter during the day yesterday. And although it was met with some enthusiasm, many players questioned the films chosen. After all, it must be borne in mind that the vast majority of fortnite’s target audience are children.

However, it seems that Epic Games has thought of everything! After all, the three films have a PG-13 age restriction. That is, everyone will be able to see if they have their parents next to them, being suitable for all players from the age of 13.

In addition, the movies streamed in the game will differ greatly depending on which region of the globe it finds. That is, in the USA may be passing Prestige and in Europe may be passing Batman Begins, for example.

In short, we still don’t know for sure if Epic Games has more movies in mind to replace these initial three. So we can only wait and enjoy these movie screenings available in Fortnite right now.


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