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After all, what impact will the pandemic have on the iPhone 12?

by ace

At the beginning of the pandemic caused by the famous COVID-19, one of the great doubts has always been around what would happen to the production lines of the most varied electronic products, especially those produced in mass. Where of course it is, the iPhone is one of the most notable.

That said, it was in February that Apple alerted consumers and investors to the possible impacts of the coronavirus on its production, mentioning possible delays.

Well, in the midst of several rumors and leaks mentioning postponements, Apple itself should go public to reveal how difficult the last few months have been, and how it will all reach the biggest shopping season of the end of 2020… Christmas !

Therefore, it is time for the release of the account reports, and as such, the North American giant Apple is also already preparing to reveal its accounts for the second quarter of 2020. However, as the manufacturer failed to inform how many iPhone units sells, it is estimated that Apple accounted for about $ 21.4 billion in revenue from the various ranges of iPhone smartphones on the market.

However, regardless of Apple’s account report for the three months ending in June, investors are likely to “pause” the company.

After all, exceptionally, several governments have been “closing” their economies in the difficult process of containing the virus. As such, 2020 is not at all an exemplary year for drawing conclusions about a company’s performance.

Still, Apple watchers will listen carefully to the CEO (Tim Cook). While he discusses the company’s results in the conference call with analysts. And of course, they will obviously want to know about the launch of the iPhone 12, or better … How does the company intend to deal with the pandemic in its next launch, which should happen in September.

Whether you like Apple or not, whatever signals Apple may give you about its performance for the rest of the year, will be taken as an example across the technology industry.

The pandemic has infected more than 16.5 million people worldwide and has killed more than 655,000 people since it was first detected in December! Interestingly, Apple itself warned that the virus would be bigger than many governments expected. Since in mid-February, the virus was already significantly disrupting its sales and production lines.

This was a month before the World Health Organization labeled the coronavirus as a pandemic!

Apple was already considered one of the companies with the best supply chains in the world. Being able to manage a network of hundreds of suppliers to gather massive amounts of glass, aluminum, micro-chips and batteries. All materials that are essential to create iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches and Airpods.

Now, experts are looking for more signs of how the virus may or may not affect companies as some governments decide to tighten restrictions again!

After all, what impact will the pandemic have on the iPhone 12? – First of all, what do you think of all this? Leave your opinion in the comments below!

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