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(AMD Radeon Gamma XT) Even the RTX 3000 can't fight !?

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(AMD Radeon Gamma XT) Even the RTX 3000 can't fight !?

A mega leak has just arrived on the Internet about the new range of AMD Radeon graphics cards, especially the new top of the range which should be the great rival of the RTX 2080 Ti! And who knows… From a future RTX 3080 Ti, after all, on the slides we already have the performance expected from the new NVIDIA Ampere.

Thanks to this 'leak', we already know that the new generation GPU from AMD will be known as Radeon RX Gamma XT … That said, if you happen to find the name strange … Is that 'Gamma Cassiopeiae' is the real name of the known star like Navi. That is, we are talking about the high-end GPU Big Navi, which AMD has been promising and consumers have been wanting for several months!

(AMD Radeon Gamma XT) The new high-end card has hit the internet!

(AMD Radeon Gamma XT) Even the RTX 3000 can't fight !?

So it looks like the new AMD Radeon RX Gamma XT graphics card will feature 26 TFLOPs of computing power, 1.5 TB / s of bandwidth, as well as 21.2 GigaRays of Ray Tracing power.

How do we know this? All thanks to a direct link to confidential information from one of AMD's AiB (Add-In Board) partnerships!

Thus, the slides show the specifications of the card, as well as the reference design that AMD devised. Thus, it seems that the cooling solution has two fans, being extremely similar to the design we already know of the current Navi. In fact, the design of the plate is very similar to a render that has been circulating in recent weeks. (Down)

AMD Radeon

All that said, it looks like the new AMD board will be able to achieve (and maintain) the extraordinary 2.633MHz frequency thanks to TSMC's new 7nm EUV process. Something that nobody really expected, since initially the use of the current 7nm process used in the Ryzen 3000 and Radeon RX 5000 was expected. This is a great news, and in fact, a real threat to NVIDIA.

Very briefly, the card has 80 Computing Units (CUs), 5120 Stream Processors, which in turn destroys rumors of an alleged change in the relationship between SPs and CUs. Still, thanks to the maximum frequency mentioned above, this card will be able to reach 26.6 TFLOPs of computational power (Single-Precision). A very significant increase over the last generation, which in turn shows that AMD is no longer playing with GPUs.

Watch out NVIDIA! AMD will offer twice as much Ray Tracing performance

(AMD Radeon Gamma XT) Even the RTX 3000 can't fight !?

To get a sense of the qualitative leap, AMD bet strong and ugly on Ray Tracing, offering 21.2 GigaRays per second. A spectacular number, considering that the RTX 2080 Ti only offers 10 GigaRays per second. In addition, it seems that AMD also has a technology to rival NVIDIA's famous DLSS, called “ClearAI Upscalling”.

However, this card will support DisplayPort 2.0, PCIe 5.0, with a TDP of around 350W. In addition, we also found a 512-bit bus, to give life to 32GB of GDDR7 memory (24 Gbps).

Interestingly, this ‘leak’ also shows the performance expected by the new NVIDIA Ampere (RTX 3000)! Apparently… AMD may even win in the next generation! (As you can see in the image above)

In short, AMD seems to want to bet everything with its new range of graphics cards, trying to reach 4K 120Hz, which seems crazy at this point in the championship. In fact, seeing the expected performance of the new NVIDIA Ampere (RTX 3000) doesn't even make much sense … But these are official slides!

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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(AMD Radeon Gamma XT) Even the RTX 3000 can't fight !?

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