Home Hardware AMD Ryzen 4000 will bring a 15% increase in IPC !?


AMD Ryzen 4000 will bring a 15% increase in IPC !?

by ace
AMD Ryzen 4000 will bring a 15% increase in IPC !?

Although there are some rumors suggesting a launch of the next generation AMD Ryzen 4000 only in 2021, a new 'leak' has just brought us a taste of what Zen 3 architecture can bring to the table! This at the same time that we see the date of the third / fourth quarter of 2020 mentioned, excellent news or what?

AMD Ryzen 4000 will bring a 15% increase in IPC !?

Ryzen 3000

Therefore, the well-known ‘leaker’ AdoredTV, which in the past revealed all the details of the Ryzen 3000 range almost 6 months before its official launch, has returned to making its own! By revealing that not only will it be possible to further increase the number of cores, we will also see higher frequencies and even an increase in energy efficiency despite the fact that the process is exactly the same (7nm TSMC).

However, it seems that the increase in the CPI will not be as high as expected … Since it should be in the order of 15% instead of 20% as suggested in leaks of the past. In addition, the ‘leaker’ also reveals that the L3 cache will continue to have 32MB, but will no longer be shared due to the single CCX, something that could result in series performance increases due to the cancellation of latency. (A serious problem that the Operating Systems had to try to solve)

However, it is possible that these news are not as explosive as desired. Still, if AMD can really break the latency between cores that has been a headache for the last generation, while increasing the number of cores even more, I am not seeing Intel competing with its 14nm.

AMD Ryzen 4000 will bring a 15% increase in IPC !? – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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AMD Ryzen 4000 will bring a 15% increase in IPC !?

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