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AMD without fear of Intel! Will lower prices on all Ryzen 3000

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AMD without fear of Intel! Will lower prices on all Ryzen 3000

AMD Ryzen

AMD seems to be attentive to the market and the imminent launch of the Intel Core 10000, which should be the great rivals to the current Ryzen 3000. Therefore, the microprocessor manufacturer that has been a huge success in recent months, decided to launch a new campaign to lower prices for their processors. (The campaign may not be the same in all countries.)

AMD without fear of Intel! Will lower prices of all Ryzen 3000 by 50 €

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Therefore, starting this week, until March 31, AMD will reduce the prices of almost all reference Ryzen processors by 25 ~ 50 €. Thus, the king of the mid-range Ryzen 5 3600 should drop to ~ 175 €, while the Ryzen 9 3900X with 12 cores and 24 threads should drop to ~ 450 €. (The latest 3950X should not be included in the campaign)

In addition, some of the buyers (depending on the promotion of each country), will still receive 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for free.

Interestingly, some stores will also put their own promotions on top of those sponsored by AMD … So it goes without saying that if you happen to be thinking of buying a new PC, or doing a major upgrade, it is a good idea to stay tuned for what comes there.

AMD is known for making these promotions from time to time. However, this time it is very likely that the thing will be derived at the end of the quarter, or else not to let sales fall thanks to the famous Coronavirus. Basically, it is an effort to win the market for people who will now be closed at home, and who may want a new machine for their entertainment.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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