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(Analysis) Corsair LT100: Do you like RGB? You have to see this!

by ace

If you happen to know Corsair, you know that we are talking about a gigantic brand that LOVES to put RGB lighting in everything or almost everything that launches to the computer market. Be it mice, headphones, keyboards, RAM modules and actually even hats… If there is a manufacturer that understands and is adored by RGB, it is Corsair.

That said, today we have a new product of your own to analyze, the LT100 Starter Kit, which in addition to serving as a storage for the headphones, is also the ultimate exponent of RGB in a game setup! At the end of the day, we’re talking about a system of towers of very significant dimensions with RGB LEDs until I say enough, all in order to create a ‘different’ environment around your PC.

(Analysis) Corsair LT100: Do you like RGB? You have to see this!

Whether you love, hate, or are simply indifferent to the fashion of RGB lighting, the truth is that we are talking about something super desired in the market of PCs Enthusiast, being also a simple way to increase a little the price of products.

However, this is not binary, just because a product has RGB, it doesn’t mean that this lighting is quality. Very briefly, this is where Corsair differentiates itself from other rivals! By offering quality lighting, you put control in the user’s hands thanks to its excellent iCUE program.

Having said all this, Corsair today officially launched its LT100 Lighting Towers, which are very briefly a pair of RGB ‘poles’ that can be connected to your PC. Being an alternative to Philips Hue setups, and NZXT ambient lights.

Corsair LT100 – Design, Lighting and Price

In the case of Corsair towers, we can connect between 2 and 4 towers (initial kit price (required): 139,99€/unit price 69,99€) to have access to 11 predefined effects, or if we want, we define our own effect through the software.

That said, each tower has 46 RGB LEDs, distributed along the peripheral vertically, as well as at its base. The vertical lights are inside a white silicone material with the great mission of functioning as a diffuser, that is, further increase the strength of the lighting by spreading it to the wall behind you. (You can point the towers at the wall to increase the immersion, or for yourself, to basically go crazy with a lot of colors in front of you, the choice is yours. Brightness can be controlled from the iCUE, so you can rest assured that you won’t go blind or have headaches.)

In the meantime, each ‘tower’ has to be mounted on its own base to function, i.e. this product only works vertically. However, the base has a good build quality when based on plastic and aluminum.

As for the power of enlightenment, in my loft full of lights, the system was able to show all its power, getting simply brutal with everything off. (As you might imagine, the system has its full potential in dimly lit environments.)

Interestingly, if you don’t want to occupy a USB port on your PC, you can simply forget it and use the main base button to scroll through the 11 preset effects. However, I always prefer to have everything connected to iCUE for full control of my setup. In my opinion, Corsair’s iCUE is the king of peripheral control, being an example to follow for all other brands.

However, as much as you enjoy a good illuminated setup, never forget that you’ll have to deal with some cables when assembling these Corsair towers, especially if you choose to assemble 4 of these girls. At the end of the day, the RGB effect is cool, but it may well be ruined if you can’t efficiently hide the cables. (USB cable to PC (optional), RGB cable to connect the speakers to each other, and AC cable for power)

Integration with games!

RGB lighting is always interesting, but having purposeful lighting is soon another level. So this Corsair tower kit is able to automatically put some game profiles into action when you launch them on your PC, where we can now include Metro Exodus, Far Cry and The Division 2. Can you imagine the LEDs flashing red when you die, or white when you make a killing spree in any Online mode?

This rather helps immersion, transforming this aesthetic package into something functional for the gamer audience.


Finally, the Corsair LT100 Smart Lighting Towers are not an essential product for anyone, it’s just something to flex your friends, or followers if you happen to be a streamer or do video podcasts. In short, it’s something that will put a smile on the face of any RGBs-crazed enthusiasts, while knotted the stomach of the most purist fans.

Personally, I liked the effect this add-on has brought to my machine, and so it will stay on my desk.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about the product, click Here.

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