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(Analysis) Doom Eternal: A ‘disassembly’ line of demons!

by ace
(Analysis) Doom Eternal: A 'disassembly' line of demons!

(Analysis) Doom Eternal: A ‘disassembly’ line of demons! – The 2016 Doom reboot is still one of the most interesting phenomena of recent times. After all, nobody was expecting a good game … However, with a mixture of super explosive, and sometimes even silly, action, players were simply stuck to the screen!

In short, without any history for the player to follow, presenting only heaps of demons to annihilate, Doom manages to be silly, but at the same time extremely intelligent! All thanks to the old mechanics that everyone loves, as well as a super fast combat, which is basically a soma and follows flying bodies and blood everywhere.

Eternal Doom: Welcome to Hell!

Doom Guy

Well, the new sequel took on this basis, trying to expand the Doom Universe a little more! Did it go well? More or less… But one thing is certain, the game is brutal!

So, just like Doom II, in this new ‘Eternal’ we see our Space Marine (Doom Guy) returning from Hell to find a planet Earth completely dominated by demons. After all, 60% of the population has already been decimated! (Nice thing to analyze, in the middle of a viral pandemic isn’t it?)

So, as players, we take our weapons and we will basically fight alone against a gigantic horde of demons. (Classic Doom Guy!)

That said, it’s funny to find some of the ‘extras’ unlocked in the first game still available in this sequel. Basically just a second chapter of the same game. Thus, it will continue to rely on its faithful chain saw and double jump capability. In addition, you can count on your faithful shotgun.

After a slight initiation … Hell begins!

As soon as we have a slight introduction to the weapons and mechanics of the game, immediately start taking with lots of enemies everywhere. In what is a kind of ‘get away and learn’ tutorial, which is basically one of my favorites.

It is super satisfying to be in pain with several enemies, and out of nowhere, in the simplest way in the world, to simply figure out how to get around the situation! Completely alone, with acrobatic maneuvers and all the items that we can discover next to the map.

And in the end, Doom is this, it is trying to make the most of it, while discovering how to maneuver the map to avoid the many attacks and enemies in its direction. It’s like I said above … Pure and tough ‘non-stop’ action.

Very briefly, you have weapons in hand and enemies in front of you! What are you going to do? Kill everything !? Calm! This cannot be just shooting, there must be a strategy to not run out of resources


The combat style is simple, but you have to use it intelligently. That is, you have weapons, and you will have to use them to kill enemies. However, if you rely only on the ammunition that appears on the map … It is likely that it will not last long. So we have to use mechanics in order to be an authentic one-man army.

How do mechanics work? Simple! First of all, if you do a lot of damage, but not enough to kill the enemy, it will start to glow blue or orange, so that you can make a finisher in order to receive life but also fuel for your motorcycle saw. Later, you can use the chainsaw to basically cut enemies in half, and thus receive ammunition for all your weapons.

It’s a fragile balance, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s extremely satisfying to turn all the demons into dog food, without stopping to breathe or reload your weapons. Especially when we reach a point, where it looks like an assembly line, they reach us, but they quickly disappear in pieces.

Then we still have access to other weapons that give other bonuses. After all, if there is something that is not lacking in this game, it is different ways to kill enemies. This is good music! Kill demons to the sound of heavy music? Yes please!

However, not everything is good …

Doom Eternal is an excellent FPS, probably one of the best in recent years. However, there are things that seem too complicated for the game that we are looking at here.

As is the example of the weapon update system, which is basically something you are obliged to do, removing the ‘fun’ factor from the equation. In addition to this, there are also some cutscenes trying to introduce a bit of history, but in my opinion, for the game that it is, it doesn’t make much sense.

Very briefly, there are parts where the team responsible for Doom Eternal tried to go a little further! Still, they are parts that don’t hurt the essence of the game, and that is what is really important.

All that said, in short, Doom Eternal is a game that will allow you to turn off your brain after a hard day at home or at work, while putting a smile on your face, while destroying an authentic horde of demons, in the most ‘metal’ way possible.

It’s a simple game, but sometimes, simple is everything a player wants in his life.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.



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