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(Analysis) Razer Raion: A fightpad designed for 2020!

by ace

(Review) Razer Raion: Are you a fan of fighting games, but hate the shape of your PlayStation 4 controller? Would you like to go back to the days when you went to the corner cafe to play on the game machine with the classic arcade buttons? So, Razer has a solution for your specific case, complete with mechanical buttons and everything.

After all, Arcade Sticks continue to be the preferred choice for fighting games, and as such, Razer has decided to launch a controller focused solely on this category. (Note: These specialized commands remove the clocks, while taking advantage of the free space to implement some extra buttons.)

(Analysis) Razer Raion: A fightpad designed for 2020

So, here we are talking about a ‘Premium’ fightpad, since it is a peripheral capable of reaching 99.99 €. Still, it has some reasons to reach this price, since it brings to the table a brutal build quality, complete with mechanical buttons, and even the touchpad that the PS4 is still using in some games.

But let’s go by parts.


The Razer Raion is an elongated remote with some curves, based on quality matte black plastic and of course, the well-known Sony PlayStation buttons. However, as we said above, the controller does not have any analog, relying only on the traditional arrows (D-Pad).

However, right next to the PlayStation buttons, we still have two extra buttons R1 and R2, which interestingly reminds us of the Sega Genesis controller. (The R1 and R2 buttons continue to be present in the form of triggers, as in any DualShock command).

Thus, as in any controller for PlayStation 4, in the middle we find the famous Touchpad that promised so much at the launch of the console, but that unfortunately ended up disappointing, as well as the Share and Options buttons.

In addition to all this, we also have a 3.5mm input as well as 2 strange switches (one on each side), each with its special function. That said, the switch on the left side controls the D-Pad, while the switch on the right serves to choose the configuration of the triggers, that is, as it has buttons R1 and R2 on the top side, you can configure the triggers on the right side as L1 and L2, with the left side triggers for the functions of the R3 and L3 buttons.

Finally, at the rear of the Raion we can find another switch, which basically serves to choose the device where we will connect the remote, whether on PS4 or PC. (Both options require a cable, which unfortunately does not appear to be particularly durable, nor can it be exchanged).

Performance and Build Quality

As we said above, in this Raion we can find mechanical switches for the D-Pad and other buttons on the top side. Switches that according to Razer will be able to withstand at least 80,000 clicks. However, the D-Pad makes a ‘clicky’ noise that is much more audible than the buttons on the right side, which is a little strange. Still, all the buttons are light and comfortable enough for the many gaming sessions.

As for the quality of construction, it is impossible to say that this boy will last for years, with only a few weeks of testing. But one thing is for sure, the controller looks very robust in the hands, and in the fall it gave (nobody says anything to Razer!), Everything was fine, without any scratch or break.


Unfortunately, I was not born to play fighting games. However, I felt pretty good playing the classic Tekken with this Razer Raion, with the controller doing its job well.

The ‘click’ of the D-Pad is super satisfactory, and the tactile response also helps us to understand whether or not we pressed the button before failing the combo in the game… Well, the reader may not miss the combos, I just don’t can i say the same 😛

In short, the layout of the buttons helps a lot when it comes to raising the bar in our gameplay. So, whether turnip or not, Raion will be an advantage in games of this kind. Especially in games that need more complex combinations with the trigger buttons, which are now even closer to our hands, without the presence of analogs that in this world only serve to get in the way.


In short, the Razer Raion is a comfortable, robust controller, with a design thought only and only for fans of fighting games. However, in spite of being excellent in its mission, it is also a little expensive … It is true that mechanical switches explain a little why the price, but on the other hand I still do not understand why the Raion cable is not removable as in the other controls from Razer, on a peripheral that costs ~ € 100.


  • Comfortable
  • Mechanical switches
  • Precise D-Pad with excellent tactile response


  • Price
  • Non-removable cable

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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