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(Analysis) SoundBlaster G3: How to take sound to the next level?

by ace
(Analysis) SoundBlaster G3: How to take sound to the next level?

Do you know Creative? It probably is! But do you still remember your Sound Blaster products? If you were born in the 80s or 90s it is also likely to be, since at the time it was mandatory to have a sound card on the PC, and of course … Creative was huge in this market thanks to its Sound Blaster sound cards.

That's why when I received the challenge from Creative to test one of its latest Sound Blaster products, I stayed a little on that… What for? Does it still make sense to use such a product? Well, it seems so, especially this external SoundBlaster G3 sound card, whose main mission is to raise the sound of your PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One or Switch to a completely new level.

(Analysis) SoundBlaster G3: How to take sound to the next level?

SoundBlaster, Sound, Blaster, G3

So, as you may have already noticed, Creative Labs (team responsible for Sound Blaster products) never disappeared. He has spent all these years creating new audio products, to bring the user's sound experience, in various types of use cases to heaven. However, it is undeniable that the business has changed, which also meant that these products had to adapt to a completely new reality.

So let's talk about the SoundBlaster G3, which is basically an external sound card that works with a wide range of products, so it is extremely versatile, but at the same time a curious and powerful product. After all, this little DAC is capable of completely transforming the sound of your devices, for a relatively low price!

So very briefly, if you want to have the best sound experience through your headphones, without ruining your bank account, here is an excellent alternative.

Usage experience

SoundBlaster, Sound, Blaster, G3

As I am now in quarantine, and the people here at home take care of the large television in the living room every day until late in the morning. I was basically forced to take my PS4 Pro, take it to my loft, to connect it to my Phillips 32 ”4K monitor.

So far so good, the problem is that in my living room I have a good sound system, and in the loft I have … Well … nothing. But not everything is bad, this made it possible to thoroughly test this SoundBlaster sound card from Creative.

As you may know, if you happen to take gaming seriously, having a good sound experience is undoubtedly halfway to increasing your performance, especially if you play FPS competitively. In parallel, now that I'm getting addicted to Final Fantasy VII Remake, it's also very important for me to make the most of the 'remaster' of classic songs from my childhood, something Creative was able to do without any major problems with the G3.

In short, having a SoundBlaster G3 in my day to day gaming under quarantine was an excellent bonus! Bringing a new world of sound in any title. Especially when you don’t even need to use a super expensive pair of headphones to notice the difference.

Interestingly, this sound card even brings a very interesting feature if you like FPS, since with the press of a simple button, the DAC will give much more importance to the sound of the steps around you, when lowering the bass tremendously.

Of course, many manufacturers have and advertise this type of functionality, but here it really works and that is what we have to point out. However, you must be aware that the rest of the sound will be terrible! You will hear the sounds of footsteps, which may give you a series advantage in some cases, if you happen to be camped in a sniper or similar. But your ears are not likely to like the joke. Fortunately, you can press the button again to get everything back to normal.


Overall, I was impressed with the product, especially when I think my first reaction was … What for !? Sound quality has increased considerably in all use cases, whether it's listening to music on my Macbook while working, killing a few noobs on my Desktop Gaming PC or just enjoying the FF 7 Remake music on PS4.

In short, for around 60 ~ 70 €, this is an excellent addition to any user's gaming experience. Especially if you have cheap headphones, or if you play from a TV without a big sound system.


  • Game / Chat mixer included
  • Optical input
  • ‘Steps’ mode will keep you from being caught off guard so often
  • Monitoring the microphone through the application (so as not to ruin your friends' ears)
  • Price


  • The input is USB-C, we have a USB-A adapter included, but when you lose it … it will be a problem to connect to PS4.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below. However, aim to Leak as a favorite in Google News, never to miss any news from us.

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(Analysis) SoundBlaster G3: How to take sound to the next level?

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