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Apple caught TikTok doing badness to users

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Apple caught TikTok doing badness to users

Sometimes applications have behaviors we don’t expect. That said, whenever a Application it is installed on our smartphones, whether iOS or Android, has access to several things. Some are normal and necessary, some are not so. Especially when the user has no idea what is going on. Now Apple, through a new security patch applied in iOS 14, has managed to realize the number of applications that can read the content that are in the clipboard and here there can be a lot. Who is involved in this practice is the TikTok video sharing platform that accesses this user data.

Apple caught TikTok doing badness to users

This isn’t exactly new when it comes to this app. However, at that time, TikTok told the Telegraph newspaper that this practice would end within a few weeks. Apparently, this hasn’t happened since iOS 14 alerts users when an app tries to access the download area and TikTok was on the list. Others that do the same are Overstock, Accuweather, AliExpress, Patreon and Call of Duty Mobile.

A TikTok spokesperson clarified that this is due to a feature that allows to identify certain components in order to prevent spam. However also revealed that an update has already been sent to the App Store that solves this. However, in the case of Android it is not known when this problem will be solved.

At a time when YouTube wants to steal a slice of TikTok, it’s good that this network stays away from controversy.

It is that Google’s video platform has decided to implement a new feature to allow the upload of short videos up to 15 seconds.

The goal for now is to reach iOS and Android users! That is, the mobile world. However, just by YouTube wanting to try to enter this market, does not mean that it will succeed. Users are often stubborn about these things, preferring to have the features separated by apps, especially when these apps (like TikTok) already have an authentic legion of fans.

You can read more about it here.

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