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Apple iPad Pro 11 2020 achieves the unthinkable in AnTuTu!

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Apple iPad Pro 11 2020 achieves the unthinkable in AnTuTu!

Yesterday, Apple introduced the new iPad Pro to the world. That said, we have models of 11 and 12.9 inches. One of the strong points is undoubtedly the new A1Z chipset. Historically, Apple's processors are undoubtedly very effective and can normally beat the competition without much difficulty. With this in mind today, we get to know a little more about the history of the new iPad and, above all, performance. Is that the Ipad Pro 11 2020 was tested by AnTuTu and revealed some interesting details about the specifications.

Apple iPad Pro 11 2020 achieves the unthinkable in AnTuTu!

An interesting detail is that Apple chose to call this processor A12Z, while the new iPhones have an A13. This leads us to think that the first may be weaker than the second, right? Perhaps, but that is not the case. The A13 chipset that is present in the iPhone 11 has six cores and a quad-core graphics card. The A12X, found in last year's iPad Pro, has eight cores and a graphics card with seven. This year's iPad Pro with its A12Z chipset has a processor and graphics card with eight cores.

Apple iPad Pro 11 2020

Presentations aside we go to the test itself. The tested equipment arrived with 6GB of memory. That is, 2GB more compared to last year's model. In fact it is quite good and does a lot for performance, alongside the processor. Meanwhile, the new iPad is running an unreleased version of iOS 13.4 and has 128GB of internal storage.

The CPU is more or less the same as last year's iPad Pro, but the additional core found on the graphics card represents a 9% increase in the score. Note that last year's iPad Pro was already a gaming monster, so we believe that the new graphics card will significantly improve what was already fast.

In fact, the result is one of the best that has been seen in AnTuTu. In reality, it exceeds 700 thousand points. It is true that making comparisons is always complicated. This is because there are multiple variables in this process. However, it always serves as an indicator. In this case we can say that there are 100,000 more points than Android rivals. I speak specifically of the flagship Snapdragon 865 chipset. In other words, the new iPad will undoubtedly be a monster of speed.

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