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(Apple vs Google) Steve Jobs hated Android! Do you know why?

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(Apple vs Google) Steve Jobs hated Android! Do you know why?

(Apple vs Google) Steve Jobs hated Android! Do you know why? – Did you know that many years ago, Steve Jobs looked favorably on Google and its efforts in the market? Incidentally, the most famous personality in the world Apple was even invited to CEO of the now research giant, refusing, but retaining a 'mentor' position.

However, when Google bet heavily and ugly on the Android mobile operating system, the relationship went sour! Do you know why?

If you happen to think about what Steve Jobs thought about Android, you are likely to remember this statement:

  • “I'm going to spend every cent of the $ 40 billion that Apple has in the bank, to fix this. I will destroy Android because it is a stolen product. I am willing to start a thermo-nuclear war! ”

Apple vs Google – Hate is well known, but what was the reason behind all this?


For Steve Jobs, although Android has several names of sweets for each new version, the only flavor that Jobs had in his mouth… It was sour betrayal! Let's look at history a little.

First, in this long history, in 2001, the founders of Google had a meeting with Steve Jobs to invite him to the position of CEO. Of course Steve refused! However, as I said above, he retained a mentoring position to help the company grow, thanks to the friendly relationship with everyone involved in the project.

This is because, at the time, Steve Jobs looked at Google with good eyes, a company with a lot of good, and that in no way threatened Apple in the market.

However, in 2004, Apple started developing the first iPhone! A super secret project, which was known to only a few personalities within the company. However, in 2005, Google bought the Android OS, at a time when nobody really knew what the software had to offer. The rumors just mentioned that it was software and OS for wireless devices. At this point, even Steve Jobs didn't know what Google was up to.


Interestingly, in 2006, Google CEO (Eric Schmidt) joined the Apple administration, showing that there are still great bonds of friendship between Steve Jobs and those responsible for Google. Interestingly, from this point on, Google began to collaborate with the iPhone team, in order to bring Google Maps to the innovative smartphone. (However, great details about the device itself were not shared. Especially about the design. A safeguard that most likely saved the iPhone of a serious competitor right at its launch.)

2007, the iPhone launch year!

When the first iPhone was launched, the mobile world changed, and consumers went crazy! However, Google was working on this Android prototype! (Image below)

(Apple vs Google) Steve Jobs hated Android! Do you know why?

So, after the iPhone was introduced, Google decided to reveal its real intentions! Betting everything I had in the Mobile world, ordering the engineering teams to start working on devices with a touch screen, completely forgetting the buttons, since that world was now dead … Killed by Apple, of course.

Still, even after this ‘order’, Steve Jobs believed that Google’s Android was just a ‘hobby’, not looking at ‘friends’ as serious rivals. But that quickly changed when the first designs from the engineering team started to be revealed.

It was after this, that Steve Jobs revealed what he thought about all this! Incidentally, in a very ‘hot’ meeting in 2008, Jobs threatened Google executives that he was going to take the case to court. If you happen to go with devices with a multi-touch screen.

S20, iPhoneAndroid vs iOS

However, Google completely ignored the threats, since the mobile world was too profitable, and of course, Internet search would change completely, with the introduction of the smartphone! This was a train that Google couldn't really miss.

After all this, the devices started to improve more and more, and here Steve Jobs started to get really worried, starting to criticize the Operating System publicly. Now read the statement:

“Google chose to enter our market. We have not entered the world of research. Don't be fooled, they want to kill the iPhone. Everything they say about not being ‘Evil’ is all a lie. ”

Just after Jobs' statement, in the same month, Google launched an update for the Nexus One, breaking any hypothesis of ‘peace’ between the two companies… Multi-touch capability.

In short, that's how it all happened, which is why Steve Jobs wanted to destroy Google's Android. However, when Jobs passed away and Tim Cook took the helm, it became evident that the two companies are now focused on their own niche, leaving the pecks to the forums and social networks.

(Apple vs Google) Steve Jobs hated Android! Do you know why? – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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(Apple vs Google) Steve Jobs hated Android! Do you know why?

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