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Apple wants to impress the market with a super cheap iPhone 12!

by ace

Truth be told, the prices of the current smartphone market are a real exaggeration, largely because of Apple, since this was the first manufacturer to break the $ 1000 barrier (€ 1179 in Portugal) with the iPhone X in 2017.

But as you can imagine, times change, especially now that we have a pandemic destroying the world economy… So smartphone makers are now paying attention to the mid-range and low-end market segments. And of course, Apple is one of these manufacturers, just look at the launch of the iPhone SE 2020 a few weeks ago.

However, iPhone SE 2020 was not Apple’s first ‘budget’ effort, as the 2018 iPhone Xr 2018 and iPhone 11 2019 are also a testament to this changing strategy!

Yes, the iPhone SE 2020 was a return of the brand to the mid-range market, offering a device significantly cheaper than the rest of the range, while being able to do everything or almost everything that the most equipped models are capable of. offer users.

However, we must not forget the iPhone Xr of 2018 which came to cost $ 749, and more recently, the iPhone 11 launched in September 2019, which further cut this price by costing ‘just’ $ 699. Well, it looks like the base version of the iPhone 12 is going to be even cheaper, at $ 550, according to the latest rumors.

In short, Apple wants to launch five versions of the iPhone 12, to reach all possible and imaginary portfolios. That is, for the first time in many years, the iPhone will not be a simple ‘super premium’ smartphone, with a version with the most current design for the mid range, mid / high range, high range and super premium range.

These are the expected models, all with OLED screens:

  • (Base) iPhone 12 4G with 5.4 ”screen – $ 550
  • (5G base) iPhone 12 5G with 5.4 ”screen – $ 650
  • (Intermediate model) iPhone 12 Plus 5G with 6.1 ”screen – $ 750
  • (Premium) iPhone 12 Pro with 6.1 ”screen – $ 999
  • (Super Premium) iPhone 12 Pro Max with 6.7 ”screen – $ 1099

This is all very strange, being a huge range of iPhones, when Apple has always prided itself on having a simple and straightforward product line. So I would not be surprised if some of these devices were limited to some regions of the globe.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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