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Apple Watch 6 has news to save even more lives!

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Apple Watch 6 has news to save even more lives!

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly a great equipment. With this I am not even referring properly to the design and construction, but to all the features it offers. In fact, each version has always added innovative features, although the 5 series has brought nothing from the other world. However, in the next version everything can change. There are many rumors that speak of several very interesting characteristics such as the detection of panic attacks and something related to the underwater world. Basically, the Apple Watch 6 can save even more lives!

Apple Watch 6 has news to save even more lives!

The Apple Insider website talks about a new patent that highlights the detection of “water quantity” and “water properties”.

That said, this wearable will be able to detect whether the user is underwater and combine that information with other data, such as body vital signs and geolocation, to determine the nature of the situation. If the pressure in the water is high enough and there are anomalies in the heart rate, the device can send a notification to the emergency services. In other words, the latest generation Apple Watch will be able to see if the user is drowning and asking for help.

Apple Watch 6

However, there are other scenarios that can trigger the use of different sensors to determine the properties of water – temperature or presence of harmful substances – and alert the user or send other SOS messages.

But there are some more news on the way to the Apple Watch 6.

The latest information reveals that the Apple Watch Series 6 will integrate a blood oxygen measurement sensor. At the same time, there will be more features that should be optimized in order to follow the user's health even more accurately.

In addition, this Apple device will use new technology to detect users' growing anxiety. That said, the watch can show increasing information about stress and track users' behavior during panic attacks.

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Apple Watch 6 has news to save even more lives!

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