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Apple Watch 6 smartwatch: there’s no competition for it!

by ace

It’s not cheap, but there’s no doubt that the Apple Watch 6 is the best smartwatch on the market. However and so that no one forgets this wearable, behold, Apple has already started working on the successor that should hit the market in the coming months. It is not known for certain whether everything will go as in other years, due to the pandemic of COVID-19. However, it is likely that the Apple Watch 6 smartwatch will arrive even with the iPhone 12.

Apple Watch 6 smartwatch: there’s no competition for it!

There have been no new leaks so far. Even so, today new information arrived on the Internet that reveals a new functionality and a great selling point. The great weapon joins the vast set of features thinking about health.

The Apple Watch has already saved many lives and improved many others due to the electrocardiogram functionality and the fall detection system, introduced in the Apple Watch 4 in 2018. The new range will further expand the long list of sensors.

The main novelty is the introduction of the possibility of measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood. This had already been revealed by two leakers who are normally never wrong, in April and May.

Checking oxygen saturation can come in handy. Especially when this feature works in conjunction with the electrocardiogram and blood pressure measurement. It’s just that if something goes really wrong, this smartwatch will detect it quickly.

In other words, whoever wants to be seriously monitored 24 hours a day, it will be a really good idea to buy the Apple Watch 6. It’s just that there is no other device so complete and when it comes to buying health issues they make a difference.

It is true that there are other systems that can do almost what Apple’s bet can. However, they do not do it so reliably and in these matters reliability is worth gold.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also capable of making real electrocardiograms. However, for this, you must live in Korea. Outside it, the mode is not activated. Until this moment it is not known if the Galaxy Watch 3 will be entitled to this function.

Returning to Apple’s bet, the other big news is the sleep monitoring system. Something that has existed in the Android world for a long time, but which is only now adopted by the apple giant.

Of course, to keep all of this going, good autonomy is needed. Thus, this equipment will come with a larger battery, although the capacity is not yet known exactly.

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