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ARM in the hands of NVIDIA? The rumor begins to gain strength!

by ace

Since Apple decided to abandon Intel processors, the word ‘ARM’ has been on many people’s lips. Well, the future may very well be based on this type of architecture, and if there is a company in the industry with a firm eye on the future, it is NVIDIA.

ARM in the hands of NVIDIA? The rumor begins to gain strength!

Therefore, NVIDIA showed interest in buying ARM, in what may well be one of the most interesting, expensive businesses … And of course, with the greatest impact ever in the industry. After all, if the graphics card giant manages to get the semi-conductor designer under its wing, it will gain incredible power in several industries! (This will undeniably attract the attention of regulators)

Having said all this, what seemed to be just a rumor, is now starting to gain a lot of strength! In the end, both Bloomberg and the Financial Times are saying that both parties had a week of intense negotiations and apparently very profitable! The deal could even take place for a whopping $ 32 billion. In case you didn’t know, Softbank (current owner of ARM) paid 31 billion in 2016.

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AMD’s flagship may correspond to an RTX 2080 Ti

The big question here is … Is it cheaper than the RTX 3080? Apparently yes!

Well, it’s an exciting time for PC fans like me! After all, as we all know, NVIDIA is expected to launch graphics cards based on the Ampere architecture for consumers in the coming months. However, as the rivalry seems to be back, AMD is also in the process of launching its ‘Big Navi’ products from the new RDNA 2 architecture.

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