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Big news in Stranger Things 4! A secret has been revealed!

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Stranger Things has been in the spotlight due to the fact that the fourth season is about to hit Netflix. And although we still know very little about everything that will happen with the series in the future, it seems that the various actors in the series are revealing a few things over time in interviews. But what’s new about Stranger Things 4?

Big news in Stranger Things 4! A secret has been revealed!

That said, Natalia Dyer who plays the character Nancy Wheeler in the series has given several interviews during recent times. Where he purposely, or unintentionally, ended up revealing a big secret about this 4th season of Stranger Things. The novelty is that it will have more episodes than the previous series. That is, it will take much longer to reach the end of this season and the plot will be even greater. Many mysteries to unravel.

Great news for Stranger Things fans! The secret has been revealed!

So, as usual, all previous seasons of Stranger Things had only 8 episodes each. And even though there are already many, Natalia Dyer has recently revealed to us that in this new and possibly last season, there will be more than 8.

So, although the increase in the number of episodes for all fans is quite good, it remains to be seen whether the extra time will translate into quality, and so far there is no reason to complain when it comes to action and fun. on the Serie.

But here’s what Natalia Dyer said for sure during the THR interview:

“Whether the season will have more episodes than usual? It seems so … However, we were very lucky in relation to the pandemic that we lived and still live. This is because, the scripts are written as we do the scenes of the series. And despite COVID-19, everything was done in time! ”

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In short, get ready for everything that comes and for the new Stranger Things season. After all, it is said that this may actually be the last season of the series. But we really have to wait and see what happens.

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