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Blocking WhatsApp: the rules tightened even more!

by ace
Blocking WhatsApp: the rules tightened even more!

False information about COVID-19 has multiplied on the Internet. In fact, the bolder a story is, the more interest it generates. I've received everything. Tea to defeat the new coronavirus, helicopters launching disinfectants at night. Anyway, everything you should be receiving too. These messages have been spreading all over the Internet and especially WhatsApp. So and to put an end to this, there is a new block on WhatsApp!

Blocking WhatsApp: the rules tightened even more!

The change affects only messages that are routed frequently in this application and restricts sharing to a voice conversation. Previously, WhatsApp had already reduced the limit of 20 conversations to 5 in early 2019, and this is still valid for normal messages. But for viruses, it will be reduced to one. Of course, this will not stop anyone from spreading the wrong information if they are really committed to doing so. However, it will make the process much more difficult and will satisfy anyone who tries to do it repeatedly.

Lock on WhatsApp

Messages concerning COVID-19 are routed frequently and are easily detectable by the double arrow before the text. These texts, images, videos and voice messages probably originated outside of WhatsApp. The point is that they are sent by different platforms and between different people and end up reaching all people. Of course, not all information is bad. WhatsApp admits that memes, funny videos and useful information are sent via forwarding. The problem is that there are also a lot of wrong things to come this way. This is what WhatsApp wants to contain.

In addition to these measures WhatsApp has already taken others so as not to overload this platform. They are, for example, the limitation of videos added to the status of WhatsApp and others.

The best advice about COVID-19 is not available via SMS. They are given by the General Health Directorate and these are the ones we must follow.

Looking at all this is undoubtedly good news this block on WhatsApp.


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Blocking WhatsApp: the rules tightened even more!

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