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Bugatti La finale Concept – Homage to combustion engines!

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Bugatti La finale Concept - Homage to combustion engines!

Bugatti is one of the luxury manufacturers that made it possible to get your hands on a factory car (stock) with powers over 1000 horsepower, such as the Veyron and current Chiron models, both capable of tearing at 400km / h. So, as you can imagine, this manufacturer is recognized worldwide due to its incredible achievements and records achieved, but also due to the attention to detail with a price to match.

However, this is one of the companies that has not yet created any 100% electric model. However, the world is constantly changing and this time evolution seems to bring an end to the cherished combustion engines of the purest enthusiasts. Something that happens due to the strong regulations and rules imposed on the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, which makes it increasingly less viable to bet on its evolution.

In short, the end of this type of engine in many countries is coming soon. In fact, even Mercedes has already made it public that it will no longer work on developing its engines.

Bugatti La finale Concept – Homage to combustion engines!

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Bugatti graphic designer wants to pay tribute to the latest model with combustion engines!

The idea of ​​Bugatti's graphic designer, Serkan Budur, is to create a latest model with a combustion engine, with the suggestive name of Bugatti La Finale, who, according to himself, wants to leave his mark on the world.

In this way, the designer wants most mechanical parts to be very visible, such as the suspension and even the model's axle. Budur says that this will not be an affront to electric cars, but rather a farewell and the welcome of a new automotive era.

Bugatti la finale

Bugatti La Finale Concept has lines recognized by Bugatti fans!

The design chosen for this car embraces a style obviously patronized by models from Bugatti. We are talking about model lines like the Chiron and even the very rare and expensive La Voiture Noire. However, unlike current models, this creation should not have the brand's well-known V16 engine under the hood. But a smaller V12 engine that can improve economy and weight.

In short, it seems that Bugatti is planning to announce the end of “traditional” engines in a remarkable way. After all, who wouldn't want to get the latest model of an era that is increasingly announcing its end?

Furthermore, what do you think about this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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