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Buy a PlayStation 4 now? Is it worth it?

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Buy a PlayStation 4 now? Is it worth it?

Buy a PlayStation 4 now? Is it worth it? – We have thousands of families closed at home due to mandatory quarantine, so we have parents, grandparents, but also children locked in the same house with nothing to do… So, I believe that there are very good people at this moment planning to buy a console for basically bring some peace of mind to the family environment, so that everyone can spend some time distracted, especially the younger ones.

However, we must consider that Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are about to arrive! With a launch date scheduled for the last quarter of the year. A date that may end up being postponed a few months, but that is still undeniable … The current consoles are about to give way to new hardware, which will bring even more complex games.

In short, we have many players to question … Is it still worth buying a PlayStation 4?

Well, despite the launch of the new consoles, it is undeniable that the end of the cycle of a generation of consoles … It is almost always an excellent time to buy a console! In this case, a PlayStation 4.

In a nutshell, not only did the console get (much) cheaper, it also got much better, thanks to the efforts of hundreds of studios that pushed tools and hardware to the limit. Not to mention the excellent library of games available.


So, if you have never had a PlayStation 4 at home, or have the original model … Find out, that a lot has changed in recent years! First, we have the PS4 Slim, which is smaller, cooler and of course, cheaper than the original PlayStation 4. However, if we forget about faster Wi-Fi, it's basically the same experience.

Subsequently, we also have the most powerful PS4 Pro! Which is undoubtedly a major upgrade over the original console. After all, with this console you will be able to play some titles in 1440p or even 4K.

Which brings us to the price of PS4 consoles in 2019. Something interesting to say the least.

Prices are lower, thanks to the many promotions and releases of new versions. However, in a very curious way, contrary to what happened in past generations, prices have not dropped that much in recent years! Since the PS4 Slim costs only ~ € 100 less than the original model at the time of its launch. Of course, the PS4 Pro is significantly more expensive, costing around € 399. (Prices excluding promotions)

Editor's Note – Of course, here we can go to the used car market, where you will certainly find several models in different states of conservation. But when we talk about hardware, I am not the biggest fan of this type of market, on top of that, when several vendors put their consoles at prices that in fact do not make sense.

Still, it is sometimes possible to find good deals. It is something that you should consider if you are interested in purchasing one of these consoles.

In case you didn't know, PlayStation 4 is the winner of the current generation of consoles!

PS4 vs Xbox One

With over 100 million units sold, PlayStation 4 is very likely (arguably) the best place to play. Which turns out to be quite interesting, considering the past generation, when the PS3 had noticeable difficulties in its rivalry with the Xbox 360.

In case you don't know, in terms of technical specifications, PlayStation 3 was the top console. But as it was extremely complex, the studios ended up preferring the Microsoft console, which was evident in the quality of the games that were released for both machines.

That said, Sony learned from the mistakes it made on PS3, and decided to bet strong and ugly on its PS4.

Taking all this into account, Sony decided to make PlayStation 4 a simple and super focused game console. Betting on powerful, but ‘friendly’ hardware for devs. Thus, the successor to PS3 not only managed to be much more powerful than its rival Xbox One, but also managed to be the choice of developers again.

(Taking advantage of a series of mistakes that Microsoft made when launching ‘One’)

Therefore, the vast majority of games that have been released for both current generation consoles run at 1080p on PS4, but only at 720p on Xbox One! In addition, there is sometimes a noticeable drop in image quality in Xbox One games.

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X – On ‘Pro’ models, things have changed a bit! Microsoft now has the advantage… But Sony's exclusives ended up canceling this performance increase

With the launch of 'Pro' consoles, Microsoft decided to bet on performance, putting the PS4 Pro to the background. However, here comes Sony's second big advantage … Its exclusives! Where can we include God of War, Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, The Last of Us, etc… Which are in truth, some of the best games of the current generation!

Something that Microsoft intends to solve with the launch of Xbox Scarlett, as we can see by the massive number of studios that now belong to the frames of the North American giant. But for now, it remains a Win for Sony. In fact, you can find many of these games for less than € 20.

Conclusion: Is it worth buying a PS4?

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<p>In my opinion, yes. After all, you can take a PS4, and immediately get your hands on several quality games, at an extremely low price. Which undoubtedly deserve to be played, whether there is a PS5 on the way or not.</p>
<p>Still, if you buy a new console now, Xbox One is also an excellent choice. Because it is almost always with brutal discounts, bringing 1 or more very interesting games. Not to mention the backwards compatibility, which is a very successful effort by Microsoft.</p>
<p>Is it still worth buying a PlayStation 4? – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.</p>
<p>Learn more about PS4 <a href=on here.

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Buy a PlayStation 4 now? Is it worth it?

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