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(COVID-19) NVIDIA promises increases instead of redundancies!

by ace
(COVID-19) NVIDIA promises increases instead of redundancies!

At a time when we have very good people afraid of losing their jobs, or already fired … It is extremely interesting to see one of the industry giants saying that COVID-19 will not ‘leave’ the company! We are talking about NVIDIA, which has just sent a letter to all employees, in order to ensure that jobs are guaranteed, and that the graphics card giant will even move forward with several salary increase processes to boost team morale and support their families.

(COVID-19) NVIDIA promises increases instead of redundancies!


Therefore, NVIDIA CEO Jen Hsun Huang has reiterated that it is extremely important that the team of 13,775 employees remains in a safe home. And of course, there is no reason to be worried, your job will be waiting for you when this is all over. (A growing fear in the industry, that NVIDIA decided to 'kill' early on.) But read what the CEO said:

“I immediately received questions about any type of layoff. To which I answered a round no! I'm planning to bet. We are accelerating several types of salary increase to put money in your hands. We can put tens of millions of dollars in the hands of our families in the coming months. ”

Where does NVIDIA go to money? Simple!

This is obviously a way of being in the brutal industry! However, the truth is that NVIDIA is going through an excellent time thanks to the COVID-19.

In the end cable, the world of PCs is going through a tremendous phase of demand, especially in the world of notebooks and the world of PC Gaming. So, when we consider that NVIDIA has a strong presence in both ultrabooks and performance-oriented notebooks, it is easy to see that things are very good for the company. This is not to mention the advantage it has in the graphics card market.

In the end, with more users than ever entering the world of Steam, Epic Games, etc … NVIDIA can only win. If you don't know, the best way to socialize with friends in this quarantined world, is to 'kill' a few noobs in online gambling.

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(COVID-19) NVIDIA promises increases instead of redundancies!

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