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COVID-19 sets Steam record! 20 million players simultaneously!

by ace
COVID-19 sets Steam record! 20 million players simultaneously!


We are officially quarantined and truth be told, it seems that nothing satisfies us during this season closed at home. That said, while everything seems to be falling apart due to the virus that is felt all over the world, it seems that on the other hand Steam has been booming when it comes to visits.

That said, we know that several players have turned to Steam to spend their time and enjoy all the games available there. But the membership was so great, that the platform ended up reaching record visits during the past few days.

19,728,027 players was the record number reached by Steam! Did COVID-19 influence this number? Probably yes!

COVID-19 sets Steam record! 20 million players simultaneously!

There are millions of people at home right now who are trying to find as many activities as possible to pass the time. Most of them take refuge in games, as we can see from the record visits on Steam.

Thus, we know that these almost 20 million players simultaneously on Steam would contribute to the statistics of the most played games on the platform. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege and GTA V were the five most sought after games.

In addition, we know that it was not only Steam that had so many players online at the same time. This is because, other platforms such as the Epic Games Store or even Origin also registered very high values.

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In short, it seems that in the midst of so much disgrace and distress the gaming platforms are getting away with it. Having recorded in recent days record visits by several users.

So, if you happen to be one of the users that has contributed to 20 million users on Steam. Don't forget to read our latest news that informs you of the best games to play during these quarantine days.


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