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Did you know that Sony is being a success in the smartphone market?

by ace
Did you know that Sony is being a success in the smartphone market?

Sony has not had much success with its own range of Android Xperia phones in recent years. However, despite successive launches of devices that simply do not sell, the truth is that the Japanese giant is making real money from this market, thanks to the huge demand for image sensors, a segment in which it reigns unrivaled.

After all, Sony factories are always running at full speed! It was at Christmas, New Year and until now in times of COVID. There can be no rest, because the world of photography on smartphones doesn't wait for anyone!

Sony failed with the Xperia .. But it is making real money from the smartphone market!


So, in case you didn't know, 2019 was the second consecutive year that Sony was forced to keep production levels close to 100% in its factories even during the Christmas season. In fact, even with production to the maximum, the manufacturer had to refuse orders! Since it is really impossible to produce enough sensors for all market demand.

It was the leader of Sony's semiconductor department himself who came out publicly to say:

  • "We have to apologize to our customers, as we have not been able to do enough to accommodate all demand."

With the number of cameras increasing on the back of all smartphones, from the low end to the highest ranges, Sony has seen its image sensor production business turn into a real gold mine!

Mi Note 10Mi Note 10

At the end of the day, seeing a smartphone with 5 cameras at the rear is nothing new for anyone. Therefore, Sony will bet on this fashion, investing $ 2.6 billion next year. At the same time, it is also in the middle of building a new factory in Nagasaki, which should start producing only in April 2021. An investment that, curiously, may even be insufficient in the medium / long term.

After PlayStation, the production and development of semi-conductors is the department that brings the most money into Sony's coffers. Which turns out to be completely normal, when we realize that the Japanese manufacturer controls 51% of the image sensor market, something that Sony intends to increase to 60% in the coming years.

Despite the failure in the smartphone market, the bet is to continue!

Last May, Sony said it would not sell its smartphone department, which only sold 6.5 million devices in 2018. So it is very likely that the company will launch a new flagship as early as next February, in order to take advantage of MWC in Barcelona.

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Did you know that Sony is being a success in the smartphone market?

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