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Do you still remember the Championship Manager? It's updated … And for free!

by ace
Do you still remember the Championship Manager? It's updated ... And for free!

CM 2/1

I remember being a kid and seeing my older brother playing Championship Manager on the old Pentium III here at home. I have no idea what version of the game it was, but I still remember the game having Vitor Baia (FC Porto's legendary GR) at Barcelona.

That said, with this example coming from my brother, I was obviously addicted to the CM and later to the FM, and one of the versions that I enjoyed the most (and the most rage…) was Championship Manager 01/02, a game mythical that apparently is now returning to the spotlight, completely updated with the most recent plants … Free!

Do you still remember the Championship Manager? It is now updated … And for free!

You can all have this. It's all free. It's a March 2019 update. And it's here… https://t.co/i72X7ctVfT

– Daniel Storey (@ danielstorey85) July 21, 2019

Therefore, Championship Manager 01/02 is remembered as one of the best football games of all time! After all, there are still a lot of good people playing this title every day.

However, you probably don't know that a new update just arrived that will allow you to find your favorite players, with their attributes, age and teams completely updated.

In fact, apparently, you can play this legendary title again without having to pay a single cent! Excellent news if you are stuck in a quarantine house, and miss the classic weekend football matches and European competitions during the week.

After all, European 2020 has just been postponed to 2021 (eheh, champions another year), so nothing better than entering the world of simulations to create our own team in what is without a doubt one of the best games football on the planet. (link here)

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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