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Failure in WhatsApp puts your family and friends at risk!

by ace
Failure in WhatsApp puts your family and friends at risk!

In the last few days we talked a lot about WhatsApp at Leak. First, because some limits have been imposed so that there is less overhead on this platform. Then for the news that reached the beta today. We now have a very serious warning. Is that a flaw in WhatsApp puts users' accounts at risk and with it also the safety of friends and family.

Failure in WhatsApp puts your family and friends at risk!

According to The Telegraph, some people have been stealing WhatsApp accounts through a method called social hack. This social hack is when an attacker uses a Facebook, Instagram or Telegram account to contact the victims posing as a friend or family member.

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The attack with this flaw in WhatsApp begins with the six-digit security verification code that we received in an SMS sent by this platform. That's when everything gets ugly.

Malicious users use an already attacked account to contact victims as if they were friends or family. Communication can take place through any platform like Facebook.

Thus, the attackers pretend not to have received the security verification code at the number they indicated because of problems with the smartphone. Then they ask the victims if they can receive it for them. Of course, for this the victims give the smartphone number to the criminals. Soon after, the criminals ask for the code that the victims received by SMS and that's it. They lost access to the account!

The problem is not entirely new, as some reports mention problems in 2018. However, the recent increase in the use of WhatsApp due to the coronavirus outbreak has caused this failure to spread again very quickly.

There is no way to avoid this right now. I mean, there is. In other words, always being attentive and standing back. Come on, WhatsApp advises people to never give in their security verification code. In addition, it is also a good idea to enable two-factor authentication. Thus, it will be very difficult to steal your account with this flaw in WhatsApp.

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Failure in WhatsApp puts your family and friends at risk!

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