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Fight COVID-19? Israel will access everyone’s mobile location!

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As the days go by, more and more people are infected with this frightening Global epidemic. After all, the death toll around the world is increasing at a truly frightening rate … However, the main culprits for these numbers to grow with each passing day are none other than the people themselves. That even though they have express orders from the government to leave the house only as a last resort, they continue to make their lives normal.

That said, it looks like Israel is taking extreme measures to control this Coronavirus! And indeed, we can say that this is something that should have been done a long time ago and adopted by other countries. This is because in case you don’t know, the Israeli government is accessing everyone’s location (via smartphone GPS) to find out where the infected people have been and with whom they have been. So that they are directly quarantined and the virus does not spread further.

Israel takes severe measures against COVID-19! But are they all in agreement with them?

Fight COVID-19? Israel will access everyone's mobile location!

So this was a news item advanced by the New York Times, which claims that the country’s security system now has complete control over everyone’s location. However, this preventive measure will only be available for a limited time. Since the Israeli government has granted only 30 days for results to be presented and for the Coronavirus to stop spreading once and for all.

Thus, we know that messages will be sent to anyone who is suspected of containing the virus. To keep them in quarantine for the 15 days recommended by world health organizations.

Israel COVID-19

In short, this is an idea that does not please everyone. After all, the Israeli government is literally accessing private information from everyone who owns a Smartphone to fight COVID-19. However, this is a measure taken for reasons of force majeure and that should be adopted by more countries, especially in the European Union.



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