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(First Impressions) Huawei P40 Pro +: With or without Google?

by ace

Huawei P40 Pro +: With or without Google, Huawei remains one of the major Android smartphone manufacturers! After all, even with the successive punishments imposed by the administration of Donald Trump, the Chinese giant continues to launch ‘premium’ devices that make us lose strength in our legs, where we have to highlight the Mate 30 Pro that had everything to be the best smarpthone of 2019, and more recently, the P40 Pro and P40 Pro +.

P40 Pro +? What is this? Isn’t the P40 range supposed to be made up of the P40 Lite, P40 and P40 Pro?

It is an excellent question, which also happens to have a super simple and easy to understand answer.

After all, Huawei was forced to respond to Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra, and as such, decided to launch the P40 Pro +, which is basically the Ultra version of its P40, by offering even more photographic performance compared to to what we can find in the Pro model. (Which is basically what the Ultra from Samsung also offers with its 108MP sensor and impressive Zoom capability. .

However, the comparisons end there!

P40 Pro (Left Side) / P40 Pro + (Right Side)

It is that while the S20 Ultra brings a bigger screen, more battery, different cameras, more weight, bigger thickness, etc… (All this in relation to the S20 Ultra.) The P40 Pro + only brings another 17g of weight, and one more camera in the rear module! Everything else is exactly the same.

So, if you like the design of the P40 Pro, you will also like the P40 Pro +, since they are exactly the same.

(First Impressions) Huawei P40 Pro +, Huawei’s Ultra? Where is the differentiating factor? Of course on the cameras!

Therefore, the P series from Huawei has always been super interesting in offering top performance, excellent autonomy, and of course … Really innovative and powerful camera systems. And of course, the first ‘Plus’ in the range could not be different.

Having said all of this, generally, as I said above, the P range is made up of 3 devices, the ‘cheap’ Lite, the ‘standard’ P that already has the new SoC and new design, and finally the Pro that besides performance and design, also brings the ‘innovative cameras’ factor. After all, last year’s P30 Pro brought the first 5x telephoto camera, which, together with the rest of the rear camera system, was an extraordinary success in the smartphone market, being an authentic best seller.

However, to continue to rival the giant Samsung, Huawei decided to take a page out of the competition’s book, launching an Ultra Premium model on top of its already quite Premium P40 Pro, where of course, it returned to bet on innovative cameras by bringing a system with 10x optical zoom on the table.

But let’s go by parts!

Huawei P40 Pro +: Design and Display

The Huawei P40 Pro + is a photocopy of the ‘normal’ P40 Pro, being equally beautiful and capable of exuding Premium throughout its rounded corners.

Thus, the same curves that we already found on the ‘Pro’ screen continue to be present on the ‘Plus’. A screen that continues to count on 6.58 ”, a ratio of 19.8: 9 and a resolution of 2640 x 1200, this at the same time that continues to count on 90Hz.

But here I have to point out that the curved screen at the bottom of the screen is a simple touch of genius, since nowadays gestures are already the ‘standard’ way of navigating on Android, and therefore, this is undoubtedly a excellent help for these fat fingers.

In short, it is the same exact design and screen as the P40 Pro, which is very good. (Still, I would have liked to have seen 120Hz on this ‘Plus’ boy.)

Huawei P40 Pro +: Performance

As you can imagine, a Pro Plus smartphone has an obligation to have specifications… Pro Plus! Still, if you think you will find 12 or 16GB of RAM here, you are very wrong. The P40 Pro Plus comes equipped with 8GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, 40W charging, and even fast reverse charging.

Only has 8GB of RAM?

Calm! The truth is that 12GB, 16GB, 24GB or 32GB of RAM in a smartphone is still a little silly these days. After all, the P40 Pro + flies with its 8GB of RAM, all thanks to Huawei’s OS, which is always very attentive to resource consumption in the background.

Having said all that, this smarpthone has the 5G version of the Kirin 990, a CPU perfectly capable for whatever your use case, and of course, prepared for next generation networks.

In short, the performance is worthy of a super top of the range, even when we consider that the Kirin 990 is in reality the rival of the Snadragon 855 and not the latest Snapdragon 865. (Huawei only launches its new SoC in September with the Mate range).

Huawei P40 Pro +: Cameras

P40 Pro / P40 Pro Plus

This is where the big difference is in this smartphone, so this is where we’re going to focus more on these first impressions! After all, as I said above, the P range has always been focused on photographic performance, so our expectations for this Ultra… Oops, Pro Plus, were really high.

Interestingly, if you haven’t counted the cameras yet, we have 5 sensors on the back here! Each one with its big objective, where we have to point out the 10x optical zoom system that is simply impressive. But here’s the camera configuration of the devices:

  • Main Sensor -> 50MP RYYB, f / 1.9, 23mm
  • Ultra-wide -> 40MP, f / 1.8, 18mm
  • Telephoto -> 8MP RYYB, f / 2.4, 80mm
  • Telephoto -> 8MP, f / 4.4, 240mm
  • Time of flight (ToF)

Yes, it is true that today we have many good smartphones with impressive zoom capabilities, such as the S20 Ultra and its 100X Digital Zoom (Space Zoom). But here there is a very important difference, that despite all the marketing terms, Samsung’s Ultra has a 3x optical zoom, while this Pro Plus reaches up to 10x!

In case you don’t know the difference, and for you everything is zoom … To say that we have optical zoom up to 10x, is to say that we will not have noticeable loss of quality until Zoom 10x! This while in digital zoom we will lose a lot of image quality in the form of resolution, or else we have the smartphone to use AI algorithms to try to recover the captured image.

But instead of explaining, nothing better than showing it, now look at this zoom capability!

Other examples of photos captured by the P40 Pro Plus:


Like any new Huawei device, we always have to keep in mind that there is no Google for anyone (unless you want to install the software at home). That said, whether you want Google on your device or don’t need it for anything, one thing is for sure, the P40 Pro Plus is a heavy weight in the smarpthone market, especially if you value photographic performance! The 10x optical zoom is an authentic ‘Game Changer’, which was able to completely change the way I take pictures in my daily life.

In fact, I can already say that our colleague at leak.pt Sílvio José is crazy with his cell phone, and he is tired of inviting me to go to the gym to try the boy’s Zoom … Guess what for? Monday is the squatting day of the Odivelas guards! Calm down Silvio! (We’re just kidding: P)

However, as for Google, Huawei is betting strong and ugly on its ecosystem, having already implemented the search engine Petal Search, which basically is the answer to the limitations of its own platform, by finding any and all platforms in third-party sources. (trusted). It is not a perfect solution, but the Huawei world without Google is undeniably getting better.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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