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Galaxy Fold 2: even the charger is better than the first!

by ace

THE Samsung is working on many new features that will have an official launch next August and more specifically on the 5th. These new products include some heavyweights such as the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Watch 3 and the new Galaxy Buds. As with other Samsung products, the Galaxy Fold 2 has been the target of many leaks and rumors. Now, here are some support documents that have revealed some more important information about the device. In this case it speaks of the Galaxy Fold 2 charger.

Galaxy Fold 2: even the charger is better than the first!

That said, the next Galaxy Fold 2 appeared on the 3C list with the model number SM-F9160. According to the listing, the product will be supplied with an EP-TA800 charger. It has a maximum power of 9V and 2.27A or 11V and 2.25A. This rating of power output results in a total power of 25W, suggesting that the device will arrive with support for fast charging of 25W. I remember that Samsung also put the same charger on its previous devices, namely the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy A71.

The original Galaxy Fold came with 15W fast charging support. That is, the addition of the 25W fast charger is certainly a significant step over the first generation. However, this equipment must arrive with a battery capacity of 4,365 mAh, which surprisingly results from the combination of two batteries – 2,275mAh and 2,090mAh.

Right now we know almost everything. Last month, we saw the rendering of the new foldable smartphone revealing almost everything about aesthetics. Meanwhile, these images revealed that the device comes with a hole in the screen for the camera for selfies. The first generation, on the other hand, came with a kind of monocle. Considering that we are getting closer to launch, we should have more news in the last few weeks.

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