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Galaxy Note 20 mint green has just hit the Internet!

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The specifications of the Galaxy Note 20 arrived on the Internet yesterday and revealed that this device will arrive in three colors. By the way, the leak came with two variants, but Mystic Green was missing. Now, a rendering of the green Note 20 variant has appeared on the Internet.

Galaxy Note 20 mint green has just hit the Internet!

The rendering was published on Twitter by Roland Quandt (@rquandt) and he confirmed again that this smartphone will be available in the 4G and 5G variants. Meanwhile, this equipment comes in a Mint green color with a matching S Pen. The color looks very interesting and is able to capture many users.

Although the curved edges are a big trend for Samsung, this ended up with the Galaxy Note 20. The panel is completely flat and has a small hole. However, thicker frames stand out than in the Ultra model.

All of this coincides with a small name change, according to the expert Ishan Agarwal. While recent screens have been marketed as Dynamic AMOLED implementations, this will be marketed as a Super AMOLED + panel.

To help maintain at least some interest, compared to Ultra, Samsung kept the fingerprint reader. However the Galaxy Note 20 is also expected to support Project xCloud through the Xbox Game Pass. This gives access to more than 90 games.

At the camera level, although the module is visually similar to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it completely abandons the new laser autofocus system.

Samsung has also replaced the 108 megapixel camera found on the premium device with a 12 megapixel main camera that is present in the Galaxy S20. In addition to this there is also a wide-angle camera of 12 megapixels and another of 64. The latter supports 3x hybrid zoom and 30x digital zoom, below the Note 20 Ultra’s 5x optical zoom.

The standard model maintains the same 8K recording mode and the 10 selfie camera.

However, if the European version of this model actually comes with the Exynos chipset, this can be a huge problem as it will be substantially slower than the American version. What is Samsung thinking about?

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