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Galaxy S20 + loses to 2019 Xiaomi and Huawei smartphones

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Galaxy S20 + loses to 2019 Xiaomi and Huawei smartphones

Who likes Samsung and think that in the middle is the virtue it is likely to choose the Galaxy S20 +. It is not as expensive as the Ultra and is better than the standard model. However, if we look at the tests that have already been carried out on this equipment, we do not get the best impression. In fact, in the DxOMark tests that were recently known, this device managed to reach 118 points. It is true that it arrived to enter the TOP 10. However, the Galaxy S20 + lagged behind the Mate 30 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium that was launched in 2019.

Galaxy S20 + loses to 2019 Xiaomi and Huawei smartphones

The two main reasons for the Galaxy S20 + not to fare are also low performance in low light conditions and the ability to zoom. However, it also has other advantages in terms of detail of images and in autofocus.

Galaxy S20 + xiaomi

The Galaxy S20 + performs poorly in low light, due to its small main camera sensor with 12 megapixels, which starts to look quite outdated compared to the best Chinese tops. In fact, all devices that achieved a higher score than the Galaxy S20 + in Dxomark's tests are equipped with a higher resolution sensor and also with pixel combining technology that improves performance in low light.

S20 + screen, Galaxy S20 + xiaomi

Without this technology, the Galaxy S20 + simply cannot capture enough light to produce a clean, noise-free image in dark environments and this influences the Dxomark test score.

However, the zoom capacity is also weak due to the presence of a telephoto sensor that is not sufficient to guarantee good results.

However, in autofocus, the Galaxy S20 + works wonders. Together with the Huawei P40 Pro, the Galaxy S20 + achieved the highest autofocus score ever recorded on a smartphone. In fact, in this field it even did better than Ultra.

Galaxy S20 + Xiaomi

Costing about 200 Euros less than the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the S20 + can be the best purchase, because it also has excellent photographic results. However, it is not enough to compete with the Chinese tops of 2020. It is that the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium can do much better. That said, the Korean giant has to do something to improve photo quality urgently. Is that if the Huawei P40 Pro had access to the Google store, surely the Galaxy S20 range would be in bad shape.

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