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Galaxy S20 will take even better pictures with this update!

by ace
Galaxy S20 will take even better pictures with this update!

The range Samsung Galaxy S20 is already receiving a new update, which arrives with the security fixes of July. This turns out to be very positive, especially if we consider that it is still in June. Looking at the list of changes in this update, we see that it is not just dedicated to security. So this update also comes with some significant improvements in the camera. In practice, it improves the functions of video stabilization and zoom, which is always good news. Namely, best photos on the Galaxy S20 with this update.

Galaxy S20 will take even better pictures with this update!

In addition, this update comes with a feature that allows users to use Bluetooth microphones when capturing audio through the voice recording application. However, the update ends up with support for MirrorLink. In fact, Samsung had already announced that it would end support for MirrorLink, Car Mode and Find My Car.

The latest update has the code name G98xNKSU1ATFD and weighs just under 400 MB. It is currently already being available in Samsung’s home country, i.e. South Korea. That said, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra, you should receive this update in the coming days. As usual, this doesn’t always happen at the same time, so you may have to wait longer. If you didn’t receive a notification for the update, check manually. To do this you can access Settings, Software Update and download and install.

Meanwhile, and in the specific case of the Ultra model, earlier this month, Samsung released a new proximity zoom feature to help users effectively focus at short distances. However, the problem continued. Now in a new update that has begun to reach some S20 users, Samsung is asking users to move away from what they are shooting to improve focus.

Previously, this feature zoomed in at about 1.5x when it detected that the object we wanted to shoot was very close. Now the zoom capacity has been increased to 2x. However the pop-up message that emerges is now clearer. Instead of saying just back off a little bit, say, click here and step back a little for better focus.

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