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Goodbye 7nm? NVIDIA RTX 3000 will be based on Samsung’s 8nm !?

by ace

The past few weeks have been rich in leaks and rumors about the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 ‘Ampere’ graphics cards, which according to what everyone thought, would actually be based on the TSMC 7nm process!

However, it seems that Samsung has even managed to pull the graphics card giant to its side, and away from the clutches of TSMC… By closing a deal for the use of its 8nm production lines, which at bottom is a derivative process ( and improved) of ‘old people’ 10nm, thus presenting a density of transistors in the order of 61 million / mm². (7nm from TSMC achieves between 90 and 102 million transistors per mm²)

Does AMD maintain an advantage in the production process?

So this is certainly super interesting information! However, it doesn’t tell the whole story … Having a more advanced process is not immediately equal to having a faster or more efficient product range. The architecture has to be good! And according to everything we know, the Ampere architecture will be simply brutal in terms of efficiency / performance.

After all, NVIDIA really wants to ‘fix’ AMD, after the rival made some pranks on the graphics market with the launch of the RX 5700 and RX 5600.

All that said, it is expected that all cards based on the GA102 GPU (at least three models in the RTX 3000 range), will be produced in the Samsung 8LPP lines.

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NVIDIA will bet everything in 2020 to put AMD in the pocket!

However, despite NVIDIA being the queen and lady of the graphics card world, the truth is that the green giant was not expecting AMD to do what it did with its range of Navi graphics cards, especially the RX 5700, RX 5700 XT and RX 5600 XT that impressed strong and ugly in the field of performance / price.

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