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Google Chrome: opened 100 tabs? there will be a surprise!

by ace
Google Chrome: opened 100 tabs? there will be a surprise!

Applications usually hide some interesting secrets. They are called Easter Eggs. Some are more obvious. Others, not so much. The Bleeping Computer site just discovered a very unexpected Google Chrome for mobile devices. It is that when you reach a number of 100 tabs open in Chrome (which are ideal for wiping out memory) instead of counting you will have a smile.

Google Chrome: opened 100 tabs? there will be a surprise!

Google has never revealed a reason for this, but there is even a plausible explanation. Contrary to what you might think, the browser is not happy to be spending so much memory. The reason is that eventually the programmers did not want to increase the size of the tab counter to show more than three numbers.

Chrome Tabs

When showing a smile instead of the number 100, the interface does not need to be changed and you can continue to show two characters without taking up more size.

However, since we are talking about the Google browser, know that Chrome users are on the alert after thousands of people have been led to download a file that was being updated to the browser.

Chrome 81, Google Chrome for PC

The download is being spread through compromised sites that use WordPress. Many of them are news blogs and even business pages.

The method of operation is simple. People visit a certain website as far as they are used to going and are taken to another with an alert about a new update for Chrome. Ironically, the update concerns the important security update for Chrome.

However, this download is not a legitimate update for Google Chrome and is instead malware that gives criminals remote access to infected machines.

In total, more than 2,000 people downloaded the fake Google Chrome update.

That said, you should always be careful when redirecting to other sites, especially with updates. It is true that many people end up falling into this scheme. However, this is not how manufacturers alert users to important software updates. Chrome, in particular, even has an automatic patch download system.


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