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Google Maps has great news for quarantine!

by ace
Google Maps has great news for quarantine!

Google has been a great help to help us deal with this quarantine period in the best way. That said, he has already given us animals in 3D and planets to see with augmented reality and even in our living room, gives us regular advice and even gathered all the information on the COVID-19 theme so that we are not missing anything. Now he went even further and decided to add a spectacular novelty for those who have to be at home. Google Maps is a great help with quarantine!

Google Maps has a spectacular new feature for quarantine!

Sometimes and due to something unforeseen, we don't even have time to cook. Of course, we can always turn to Uber Eats, which is what I usually do when necessary. However now there is another alternative that opens the door to restaurants and not only that they are not yet available on the Uber platform.

Quarantine maps

Thanks to the novelty that is already available on Google Maps, two options have appeared at the top of the interface. They are food to take and delivery. The names say it all. The first gives access to take-away restaurants and the second to those with home delivery.

Quarantine maps

Starting with Takeaway everything is very well organized. We can immediately see photographs of some dishes, contacts and in most situations we even have access to the menu. In fact, Google Maps is becoming more and more complete and even seems to integrate a part of the well-known Zomato application.

Google Maps has great news for quarantine!

In the same way we can also have access to the restaurants that take the food home. For everything to be even simpler, we can even sort the results by relevance or distance, among other parameters. We can even consult the list of the most popular. Eventually, the more popular the more confidence there will be in who is ordering for the first time. A nice help from Google Maps for quarantine.

Google Maps has great news for quarantine!

However and regarding this pandemic that we are experiencing in the main Maps interface, we still have an alert about COVID-19. That said, it allows us to click and takes us to various useful information and websites.

At this time in which we live, it is likely that people have used Google Maps less, as they do not have to travel so much. However, with this new feature it will quickly return to being the most used.

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Google Maps has great news for quarantine!

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