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Google Phone available for all smartphones (or almost)

by ace
Google Phone available for all smartphones (or almost)

There are applications that most people want to have and are not sure why. The Google Phone is one of them. In fact, in several forums there are people trying to get their hands on the Google application that is used to make calls on Android smartphones. However, it was not available to everyone. That said, it was only present on the Pixel and Android One smartphones.

Google Phone available for all smartphones (or almost)

The lack of availability for everyone has led people to try to get their hands on changed APKs and other methods of getting this app up and running everywhere. However, this did not always work very well. Now and for the happiness of many, the Google Phone is now available on the Play Store for various non-Google devices.

However, not everyone will be able to find this app on the Play Store. For example, Samsung and the OnePlus they are not able to find it or install it. On my Huawei I couldn't do it either and before the easy joke came I was using the P30 Pro and not the P40 Pro.

Google Phone

This brings us to an issue. What equipment is this working on? Well, so far what has been discovered is that it is appearing to users of Zenfone 6, Oppo Find X2 Pro and LG V60.

To try to find out something else, the XDA team went through the code. So, he found that this app needs a shared library that needs to be installed on the phone. The library is more specifically com.google.android.dialer.support. Now it is not in Samsung or OnePlus equipment and this explains everything. That said and if you want to check if it works on your equipment you can follow this link. Another possibility is to download the file on APK Mirror.


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Google Phone available for all smartphones (or almost)

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