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Google Photos: Say goodbye to this application as you knew it!

by ace
Google Photos: Say goodbye to this application as you knew it!

Google Photos is undoubtedly an indispensable application from Google and has now just been redesigned. That said, it now has a simpler interface with only three tabs. However the map view previously seen in the tests is now official. The new changes cover not only the application, but also the icon that is now simpler. These changes should arrive on your smartphone next week.

Google Photos: Say goodbye to this application as you knew it!

In recent months we’ve seen some experiences with regard to google photos layout. After all the tests, Google opted for the simplest arrangement that was recently discovered

The new structure of three separators is very simple. We have a photo section where all the content is in a simple chronological feed, as it was so far. However, we now have slightly larger thumbnails, autoplay videos, and less space between photos. The memory carousel at the top also has larger icons.

The search tab apparently replaces the functionality that was available in the top bar of the application. In addition we have a view on a map, along with icons of people and beyond, that give a very interesting look.

The Albums tab has disappeared, but most of this functionality is still present in the Library tab, including browsing specific folders and albums, as well as archived photos and junk. There is also a shortcut to the print shop. The share tab has also disappeared, but Google says the feature can be accessed via the “chat” button in the upper left corner on all tabs.

The new icon is a simplification of the old symbol. It’s much simpler and maybe modern.

We haven’t seen the new interface on any of our devices yet, but Google says it should be released, along with the new icon, next week. Google has also confirmed that these changes are linked to a specific update to the version of the application (v5.0.0.xxxxx) that is now being implemented. The Play Store listing was also updated shortly after publication with the new icon and screenshots of the updated app.

You can download Google Photos for Android from Play Store.

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