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Google solves math problems with smartphone

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Google solves math problems with smartphone

Google launched new features for Google Lens in March, which included an offline translation and an Education mode. Now, new information shows that Google solves math problems when the smartphone's camera is pointed at an equation. In addition, a new “Places” mode is available that helps users to recognize famous buildings.

Google solves math equations with smartphone

According to XDA Developers who discovered this, new modes of education and places were seen during the launch of the latest Google Lens app. When activating the new mode, users have to point the smartphone camera application to an equation and Google will take care of everything. That said, it uses artificial intelligence to analyze the problem and show the solution. This novelty is similar to a feature that is present in the Microsoft math solver.

Google Mathematics

In addition, this feature also shows some related searches on the Internet and shows users how they got to the solution. However, there is one thing that we do not yet know. It is true that the simplest equations are solved. However, we do not know what it will be like with the more complex ones.

The other highlight goes to a mode called Places. Apparently, it allows users to obtain information about known buildings or famous landmarks by pointing the smartphone's camera at them. However, when tested, it still didn't work as well. That said, the live recognition of buildings in the real world is something that still needs to be tested for effectiveness.

Google Places

We now have to wait for these new features to be implemented in the new version of Google Lens that will be available soon.

In fact, this application is getting more and more perfect. It is that recently it also started to allow handwritten texts to be transmitted to the computer, as if I had initially written them in Word. For this you only need the latest version of Google Lens and also your smartphone. This functionality was very well implemented and errors in this transition rarely occur. You can read more about it here.


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