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Gorilla Glass Victus: Super tough glass arrives at Samsung first

by ace

Gorilla Glass is extremely popular in the smartphone market, basically synonymous with build quality and resistance to scratches or even total screen breaks. However, there is always room to improve a little more … So it is time to welcome Gorilla Glass Victus, which is actually a ‘thin’ name for the long-awaited Gorilla Glass 7.

Gorilla Glass Victus – Super resistant glass that will reach Samsung first

So it is very likely that your next Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone will come equipped with the toughest glass that Corning has ever created. After all, the company announced ‘Victus’ yesterday! A new glass that not only resists drops of almost 2 meters, but also significantly increases the resistance against the famous risks. (Something that Corning hasn’t improved in almost 6 years)

After all, if you don’t know, the risk resistance of our smartphones is basically the same since 2014, when Corning launched Gorilla Glass 3. In fact, according to some tests, it is likely that this resistance has even decreased somewhat in newer versions… Since the company tried to improve protection in other aspects, which of course, has consequences.

However, Gorilla Glass Victus or Gorilla Glass 7, seems to improve both in falls and in resistance to risks, without major losses in other fields. At the end of the day, Corning claims to have achieved twice the scratch resistance compared to the previous generation. This while it is perfectly possible to survive a drop of almost 2 meters! Something impressive, since Gorilla Glass 6 was certified for falls from heights of about 1.6m and Gorilla Glass 5 only for falls of 1.2m

In addition to all this, the manufacturer also claims that glass is now also more reliable, as all tests point to an average of 20 drops without breaking. (Before the average was situated at 15 falls)

Samsung should be the first to launch a smartphone equipped with the new glass!

However, according to Corning, Samsung will introduce a device with this new glass in the coming months. So if you think that the Note 20 will be one of the first to feature the novelty, you can forget about it now. It should be a mid-range model first, and later the new Galaxy S30.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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