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(Guide) Tips to improve your computer's performance

by ace
(Guide) Tips to improve your computer's performance

I've done several articles to help our readers use the full potential of their PCs, but now that we have so many people staying at home, and being forced to use computers that most likely already had their days numbered in a loft drawer. . It may be a good idea to make an article simple, straightforward and easy to read. Let's do it?

(Guide) Tips to improve your computer's performance

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So, in this guide I won't even talk about specific operating systems, they are advice that will work on any machine you have, whether it is based on Windows, macOS or Linux.

1. Organize your files very well

Is it more difficult to find something in a tidy or untidy room? The logic is exactly the same on your PC's hard drive. Try to keep your file manager organized, and without junk. It will be much better for your productivity on a daily basis.

2. Delete all unnecessary and temporary files

Try not to accumulate ‘debris’ on your computer. If you no longer need something, delete it without mercy or mercy. Also, be aware of the temporary files generated by the operating system and programs, for this I recommend using CCleaner.

3. Uninstall programs that are no longer in use

I know that it is often not easy to delete that game that you liked so long ago, or to uninstall that video editing tool, because the project that started in 2017 is not over yet. But the truth is just one… If not all this time opened the application, or play a certain game again… Maybe it’s because you’ll never do it! Erase and make your machine faster, with more space for other essential files.

4. Buy an SSD and / or increase the RAM

5. Remove most programs that start with the PC (such as Spotify, Steam, Discord, etc …)

6. Don't occupy all available storage (leave 10 ~ 20% free)

(Guide) Tips to improve your computer's performance – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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(Guide) Tips to improve your computer's performance

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