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Historic mark! NVIDIA is already bigger than Intel

by ace

Yesterday something happened that many expected, but it is nonetheless interesting … NVIDIA has finally reached a market capitalization superior to that of Intel! Interesting why? In case you didn’t know, it wasn’t that long ago that Intel tried to buy NVIDIA! A time when the now giant graphics card was much smaller, and ‘cheap’.

Historic mark! NVIDIA is already bigger than Intel

So it is official, yesterday at the close of the markets, each share on NVIDIA’s stock exchange was worth something like $ 411.20 with a market capitalization of $ 251.31 billion. In other words, this is a historic milestone, since the graphics card giant has always been smaller than Intel.

Meanwhile, Intel closed at $ 248.15 billion. Still, market capitalization does not tell the whole story. It’s just that all the hype surrounding Machine Learning and AI made NVIDIA’s actions explode. That is, very briefly, the value is artificially higher, while Intel’s is stable in these values.

In addition, if we compare the revenues of both companies, Intel is much better, having collected $ 71.9 billion in 2019, while NVIDIA stood at $ 11.72 billion in the same amount of time.

But leaving the bills aside, this is really a historic milestone, which first of all serves as proof that the work is being done well in the company’s staff. That said, with the purchase of Mellanox, NVIDIA has even more potential to grow and take on new opportunities.

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