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Houseparty: is this application really dangerous or not?

by ace
Houseparty: is this application really dangerous or not?

If you are also experiencing this quarantine period, you have probably heard of the Houseparty application. In practice it is a app which was born in 2015 and was even bought by Epic Games known for the Unreal and Fortnite games in mid 2019. The name speaks for itself. It is basically a social application that puts us online and allows us to live with other users. However, when everything seemed to be going well and this application was in greater demand than ever, very black clouds appeared on the horizon. If they use Instagram (who doesn't …) and not only, they probably watched the sharing of stories about this app today. Some say that they stole their account data. Others say that it drained the battery. Although some reports are more credible, others give more than thinking. After all, where is the truth? Is the Houseparty app dangerous or not?

Houseparty: after all, is it really a dangerous application or not?

The well-known security Sophos already tried to analyze this issue, even without looking closely at the code

So let's look at the images that are circulating on Instagram:


In this first image everything is fine, but something does not make sense. The battery issue. The application would have no way of damaging the iPhone's battery. It could reduce autonomy, but nothing more.


This image and this fact can be true. Still, these kinds of things also happen when sharing Netflix accounts. Another issue is that it is a foreign application. Eventually, if they stole this data, would they be using the account in Portugal?

Then the other image has no alarming facts and only teaches you how to remove the app.

Houseparty: is this application really dangerous or not?

Houseparty has since responded to this and claims that all accounts are secure and that they have not compromised any user information.

In fact they shared this on Twitter and beyond and were bombarded with messages that complained about several hacks.

Sophos did the same kind of reading as me and considers that all the messages that are circulating about Houseparty are quite aggressive but so far there is no concrete evidence. It cannot be just the image of someone entering the Netfllix account from two different points on Netflix.

In fact, the security company that went public about Houseparty says that it is extremely unlikely that an app that is in the Google and Apple store (these things are analyzed) has the ability to do everything that is said. These stores might not detect all malicious behavior, but they were going to find something.

Then there is a very simple way to protect your social media accounts so that no app or malicious user can get in there. Enable two-factor authentication. So whenever you try to get into something it will only be possible with a code that you will receive by SMS or that is generated through an app that is on your phone. In other words, nobody accesses or steals anything.

Lukas Stefanko, an ESET researcher, said he did not find "any evidence linking Houseparty, Paypal or bank accounts."

However, if the accounts were in fact attacked, removing Houseparty will do nothing, because the damage would have already been done. What you would have to do was change the passwords for everything.

Final verdict

I don't think that this app is, in fact, capable of doing everything that has been mentioned on the Internet. Then some statements and reports seem to me too exaggerated. Still and as they say there is no smoke without fire, I installed this app and I am monitoring all connections and behaviors to check for any bugs or possible risks and I will keep this article updated.

In the meantime if there is hard evidence send it to our email because I will be happy to review and update this article. After all, we all want people's truth and security.

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Houseparty: is this application really dangerous or not?

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