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How to solve the Chrome problem on the Galaxy S20!

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How to solve the Chrome problem on the Galaxy S20!

Earlier this year Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 range. That said, the three devices, namely the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra, come with very interesting improvements. One is the 120Hz refresh rate. A trend that begins to captivate many users. That said, this rate significantly improves the user experience. However, there is a problem with Chrome and the Galaxy S20. Still the good news is that it is easy to resolve.

How to solve the Chrome problem on the Galaxy S20!

The new mode is useful when using several applications, especially Google Chrome. In case you don't know, Google has optimized all applications, except Google Maps, to take advantage of these 120Hz.

Chrome Galaxy S20

However, several users have reported a slow and annoying experience when browsing websites in Chrome. Even with the smartphone at 120Hz, the experience is so slow that it seems to be at 60Hz. However, you can solve this problem now.

Although this problem does not occur very often, it does. But there is a way to resolve it.

One way to solve the problem is to remove the browser completely from memory.

Touch the recent apps button or swipe up if you're using Android 10 gestures. Look for the Chrome browser and slide your finger up. This will remove the app from memory. Now you can reopen your browser and check that everything is working fine.

If removing the app from memory does not work then you can try to force the application to close. To do this, load the Chrome app. This will open a small menu. Then click on the application information. Then it remains for you to force the application to close.

It is undoubtedly good news to realize that after all the Chrome problem is solved so simply in the Galaxy S20.


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How to solve the Chrome problem on the Galaxy S20!

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