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Huawei and Tencent in partnership! The goal? Cloud Gaming

by ace
Huawei and Tencent in partnership! The goal? Cloud Gaming

With the Smartphone market entering more and more in decline, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 that insists on not calming down. More and more companies, such as the Chinese giant Huawei, are trying to expand as much as possible to other areas.

That said, it seems that Huawei has decided to partner with Tencent to create a new Cloud Gaming platform. In other words, the main objective of the two Chinese companies is in fact to mark their position in a market strongly dominated by Google with their project Stadia, and by Microsoft with the project xCloud.

Huawei and Tencent united in the world of video games! Could this work well?

Huawei and Tencent in partnership! The goal? Cloud Gaming

Therefore, according to what has already been revealed, it seems that Tencent has already invested heavily and ugly in servers produced by Huawei. Since the giant Kunpeng processor best known for its Smartphones, it was chosen to build the cloud gaming platform.

In addition, we know that the two companies will try their best to bet on augmented reality and artificial intelligence games. Threatening both Stadia and cCloud now! In other words, send the message that the competition is seriously reaching the market.

Thus, who will really win with all this will be none other than the players of this type of platforms. After all, whenever the supply increases, prices are forced to fall. And the quality has to be simply better, with no room for error. In fact, this is exactly what Huawei and Tencent promise.

Huawei and Tencent

In short, we still don't know for sure what this partnership will result in, nor even when Cloud Gaming will be available. However, one thing is certain, Huawei is willing to enter and dominate the gaming world. As you have practically managed to do in the world of Smartphones.


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