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Huawei graphics cards? New rival for NVIDIA, AMD and Intel?

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Huawei graphics cards? New rival for NVIDIA, AMD and Intel?

The world of graphics cards has historically been dominated by two giants, AMD Radeon (formerly ATI) and NVIDIA. That said, Intel finally decided to join the two graphics giants by stealing several engineers from AMD, including the leader of this company's graphics department, Raja Koduri.

A rivalry with 3 giants, which many thought was the maximum the market could handle! Well … If you thought that … I was wrong!

Huawei graphics cards? New rival for NVIDIA, AMD and Intel?

Huawei graphics cards? New rival for NVIDIA, AMD and Intel?

Therefore, the Chinese giant Huawei continues to bet strong and ugly in the technological world, even after Donald Trump has done everything to put it down. Thus, although the smartphone market is now suffering a little outside the manufacturer's homeland, the company seems to remain focused on being 100% technologically independent. So, already develop chips (CPU and AI) with some success, to equip your devices! However, some hardware is still missing that continues to come from outside, such as the GPU. For now… According to some South Korean rumors, Huawei is currently building a team to attack the GPU market!

Yes! Huawei wants to equip its devices with its own GPU, but why stop on smartphones? The server and consumer market also makes money for NVIDIA and AMD! Why not try this market? Apparently, this is what someone thought in the offices of the Chinese giant. After all, Huawei has already started recruiting staff for this project, and apparently, most of the targets come from NVIDIA.

Huawei is developing graphics cards!

In case you don't know, Huawei already has a GPU on the market, the Ascend 910, which does not win in all areas, but which already puts NVIDIA after the loss in others. After all, the Ascend 910's FP16 computing power is 256 TFLOPs, basically double what the current NVIDIA Tesla V100 is capable of. In addition, it is also able to offer 512TOPS @ INT8 with a TDP of 310W, all thanks to Huawei's Da Vinci architecture.
Prior to this, Huawei has to some extent did some development in the GPU market. Last year, the company launched the Huawei Ascend 910 chip. This chip is not entirely the best but in some areas, it surpasses what NVIDIA offers.

In addition to Intel, will we also see a Huawei betting everything on the graphics card market? It would be extremely interesting, although I personally find it difficult to do so. (I believe that this effort is focused on the server and data center market).

Still, if entering the market was like entering the smartphone market, with products of undeniable quality at a low price … It would be funny to see what the response of NVIDIA and AMD would be.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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Huawei graphics cards? New rival for NVIDIA, AMD and Intel?

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