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Huawei is the leader of the smartphone world? Where’s Samsung?

by ace

Samsung has been the great smartphone market leader for a number of years, however, for the first time since … well … always, Huawei has been able to ship significantly more smartphones to the market compared to its great South Korean rival! Who says it is Canalys, one of the most reputable market research companies.

Huawei is the leader of the smartphone world? Where’s Samsung?

Therefore, it is nothing new for anyone that Huawei has always wanted to overtake Samsung, thus becoming the largest smartphone manufacturer on the planet! And apparently, this is exactly what happened between April and June 2020. However, it is not expected that the Chinese giant will be able to hold on to the throne for a long time.

Huawei will not hold on to the lead for long

After all, according to Canalys, the results for the second quarter of the year were heavily influenced by the pandemic related to COVID-19. Incidentally, the 55.8 million devices that Huawei managed to send to stores, is actually a number 5% lower compared to the same period last year.

However, Samsung dropped about 30%, sending ‘just’ 53.7 million devices to store shelves.

How did these results happen? It’s simple, 70% of Huawei’s sales happen in its main market, China. Which curiously was not so affected by the pandemic, in relation to Samsung’s stronger markets, which of course, is not very strong in Chinese territory.

Still, all of this is an impressive result from the manufacturer, since despite having fantastic hardware, especially in the field of photographic sensors. Huawei smartphones are by no means at their peak (outside of China) due to the ban imposed by Donald Trump.

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