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If Intel wants 7nm, it will have to fight for them … With AMD!

by ace

As you may know, Intel’s 7nm production process is on a boat very similar to 10nm… That is, none of them has land in sight, at least until 2022 or 2023. So the processor giant is now looking for partners with production power so as not to be delayed more than their rivals!

Especially now, which is about to place a big bet on the world of graphics cards.

Therefore, Intel is looking for foundries such as TSMC and / or Samsung, to pass much of the production of GPUs and scalar processors under the Xe range. The problem in the middle of all this is that Intel wants to enter an extremely competitive market , where there are already many other companies hunting for production, especially when we talk about the 7nm TSMC, which is basically the traditional story of the 7 dogs to a bone.

In fact, as soon as Apple abandoned the 7nm production lines to focus on the new 5nm processors… AMD immediately jumped up on the opportunity to reserve all the extra production!

Having said all that, TSMC is without a doubt the foundrie that Intel wants to produce its products, and of course, the manufacturer is even willing to give access to the 7nm process or even the most refined 7nm +. The problem is that Intel is TSMC’s latest partner, and as such, will have to contend with AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, etc … So it is impossible to know how much will come out of these Intel product lines.

However, Intel even has some luck in the middle of it all! Is that TSMC will lose one of its biggest customers … Huawei!

In short, according to the latest Chinese sources, TSMC is expected to start mass production of Intel chips early next year! There is the possibility of using the 6nm process, where there will not be as much rivalry as in the current 7nm and 7nm + processes.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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