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Incognito mode is on its way to Instagram messages

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Incognito mode is on its way to Instagram messages

We often speak at Leak of a reverse engineering specialist called Jane Manchun Wong for its enormous capacity to discover things hidden in the applications. Well, earlier this week, she revealed the option to hide certain stories from some people on Instagram. Of course, I'm not talking about Close Friends, but about something totally new. Now, behold, she has discovered a way where the Instagram messages we send can disappear.

Incognito mode is on its way to Instagram messages

Jane demonstrated this feature when she switched between two different modes and what she had sent through direct messages disappeared. However, incognito mode makes the background black, more or less as it does in Chrome. For now and as there is no official comment about this news, Jane decided to call it the mode of messages that disappear. Original isn't it?

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It is true that in some cases, there are secrets that are hidden in the apps and that then end up never becoming reality. However, this is not the case. That said, Instagram has already confirmed that this platform is working on this feature.

In fact, they said that they are always exploring new features to improve the messaging experience.

This feature is under internal development and is not yet being tested externally.

What is certain is that it should still take a while. This is because it is still in an internal testing phase. In any case, if the novelty of Instagram messages reaches all users, it will help ensure a safer experience for anyone who wants messages to disappear.

Of course, this issue is not that transparent. After all who will want the messages to disappear? It's because? The imagination of the different scenarios is up to each one.

Now one thing is for sure. Instagram is not quiet and is developing new features to keep users interested. In the quarantine that we are seeing, in fact, the more news the better.

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