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Instagram prepares novelty to hide buttocks and bikinis

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Instagram prepares novelty to hide buttocks and bikinis

Instagram is constantly increasing the user rate and is gradually replacing Facebook. That said, it is not surprising that the news does not stop reaching this social network. Some are perfectly accessible for everyone. Others are still in the secret of the gods. However, those that are hidden are discovered by a reverse engineering specialist that we often talk about at Leak. I speak clearly of Jane Manchun Wong. Now, after discovering the new incognito mode and the functionality of discovering accounts, she realized that Instagram is preparing a novelty that is related to sensitive content.

Instagram prepares novelty to hide buttocks and bikinis

The novelty is called limiting sensitive content and is something that will be activated by default. The description reveals that when the system is active, users will see fewer photos and also less videos. For now, the learn more button is still not linked anywhere. This reveals that it is still in the development phase. Although it is not known for sure what this sensitive content is, a reading in the conditions of use of Instagram gives us an idea. There you can read digitally created content that contains sexual, genital and buttock close-up. It also includes some pictures of female nipples. Bikinis, depending on the photos, may also be included. Eventually the dental floss.

Instagram prepares

If you turn this function off, a pop-up appears asking you again if you want to see content that may be sensitive.

Considering that Instagram is a social network that lives mainly on images and many bolder photos, this measure can only serve to “annoy” some users who like to wash their eyes. Of course, on the one hand, it defends teenagers and children with content that may be less appropriate for them. However, it would be better if this were only implemented for the accounts of minors, by default, instead of defining this option by default.


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Instagram prepares novelty to hide buttocks and bikinis

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