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iOS 14: after all Apple is copying Android or Samsung?

by ace
iOS 14: after all Apple is copying Android or Samsung?

This morning I found a very interesting article on the site Sammobile, New Year talking about iOS 14 and a possible copy of Android or even Samsung’s one UI interface. Of course it makes sense that this site is more on Samsung’s side. However, they touch on some interesting points as I will mention below. It is that according to this site, iOS 14 is an anthem to samsung’s interface, the One UI and even google’s operating system.

iOS 14: after all Apple is copying Android or Samsung?

Even if there was or is an inspiration on the part of the apple giant, this is nothing extraordinary. It is that competing companies always try to stay ahead of each other and as such no one has a problem adopting something that is really good. But let’s look at the convictions of this site and in the end will realize whether they make sense or not.

The widgets on the home screen and app drawer have been part of Samsung’s proprietary software for the ever since.

However, they were always absent from iOS. That said, iOS 14 has been fetching the Android world from the widgets and also the so-called app library. It’s true that Apple’s widgets and app drawer aren’t exactly identical to Google’s, but they meet the same goal.

Emoji search and the ability to change browser and email application by default

Until iOS 14, iPhone users couldn’t search for emojis through the standard keyboard. That is, this function that already existed on the Samsung keyboard some time ago was finally added to iPhones.

In addition, it’s been almost a decade since the first version of iOS was released. But it is only now in 2020 that iPhone users can finally change default applications at the browser and email level. Before iOS 14, anyone who had an iPhone was required to use only apple’s browser and applications.

Samsung has always focused on ensuring a good user experience. In addition with One UI also thought about bringing all the information to users, more simply and not only. For example, when we receive a call the notification no longer occupies the full screen (although it is still possible to do so). Instead it appears as a pop-up window with discrete accept and reject call buttons.

According to Sammobile some elements of the iOS 14 design seem to have been directly inspired by One UI or Android. An example of this is that Apple stopped betting on a new full-screen call notification and swapped it for a pop-up.

Picture-in-picture video

The possibility of picture-in-picture video is something that has been happening for a long time on Samsung equipment. It is true that it had already appeared also on iOS for iPad. However, it was not present on the iPhone. Now it’s come to iOS 14.

IOS 14 inspiration in the android base version beyond Samsung

However there are other features very similar to those of Android. For starters, Apple’s operating system is finally released as an integrated translation application.

Then there’s what Apple calls App Clips. It is essentially equivalent to the Slices app present in the Android operating system.

Last but not least, Apple hasn’t given up on competing with Google Maps, and iOS 14 has finally added instructions for cyclists on Apple Maps.

What do you think of all this? Is Apple really copying Samsung or is it a coincidence?

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